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by Csányi Zsolt on 07/11/2010 18:45
Szia Zuzka!

Gratulalok a tegnapi kituno eredmenyekhez!

Udvozlettel: Zsolt
by Rita J. Ulriksen from Tromsoe, Norway on 12/21/2008 22:36
I wish you amerry Christmas & A Happy New Year!
Greetings from Rita & Keegan
by Attila from Serbia on 12/09/2008 23:32
Szia Zuzi !!!

Extra cepek a kutyajjaid. Gratulalok a 2008-as ev eredmenyeihez. Remelem talalkozunk jovorre is !!!
by doris on 11/07/2008 14:43
Ich finde den Aufbau der Seite sehr gut. Macht weiter so.
by Rita J. Ulriksen from Tromsoe, Norway on 10/09/2008 16:11
Congratulations with a great results on your dogs!! They are lovely!!
Good luck in the next show.
Best regards from Rita & Keegan
by Csányi Zsolt on 10/05/2008 09:16
Kedves Zuzka!

Gratulálok Quido Európagyőztes címéhez, Sonny, Hermiona és Ivory kiváló szerepléséhez!!!

Üdvözlettel: Zsolt
by Ninna Odehag from Currently in Sweden, otherwise USA on 09/10/2008 16:30
Hi Zuzana! Better late then never... CONGRATULATIONS on Hero's wins during the World Dogshow weekend - he is such a fantastic dog, I can't get enough of him! A true Kerry in all ways.

I'm still in Sweden waiting for my new VISA, I hope I'll be back for Montgomery - are you going there this year? I'm very excited to get back and see how BiBi's puppy girls have developed.

All the best from your swedish friend Ninna
by Natalie Zehner from Greeting from Germany on 08/06/2008 00:14
Congratulations with BOB on the World Dog show in Sweden!!! REALLY!!!!
by Yolanthe Buurman from Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel The Netherlands on 07/07/2008 18:15
Hello Zuzana and Charlotta, a big CONGRATULATION to you and your Kerry.
Best regards Yolanthe Buurman
by Rita J. Ulriksen from Tromsoe, Norway on 07/05/2008 20:51
Congratulations with BOB at the World Dog Show in Sweden today!!!
best regards from Rita & Keegan
by Rita J. Ulriksen from Tromsoe, Norway on 03/14/2008 22:47
Wish you a Happy Easter!
Best wishes from Rita & Keegan
by Julia Klimchenko from Saratov on 02/28/2008 12:52
At you a remarkable site - both old and new, on them the huge quantity of photos to look on which - it is a pleasure, as well as on some your dogs! Success to you and further in all your undertakings.
by Kenyeres anna on 12/23/2007 23:08
szia Zuza!

szeretnék gratulálni az új BB babákhoz!nagyon édesek!remélem igazán szuperek lesznek
Kellemes ünnepeket!
by BOY from Hotspice, THAILAND. on 12/05/2007 19:21
Hi Zuzana,
Just want to say HI!! Nice meeting you in the US. It was a great trip. I'm really enjoy visited your site. I'll always come back to visit often. Hope we can meet again next time and see you bring another great dog.
by Rita Ulriksen from Tromsoe,Norway on 12/05/2007 14:45
I wish you a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!
Good luck in 2008!
Greetings From Rita & Keegan
by Kata on 10/16/2007 21:24
Gratulálok BB fantsztikus sikeréhez, és nagyon nagyon köszönöm neked Zuza, hogy nem adtad fel és hittél benne, hogy sikerül!!! Köszönöm!! Thank you!
És hétvégén ünnepelünk!!!!
by Texas Eddie Dulaney from Tennessee on 10/10/2007 04:59

It was good to meet you and talk with you over the Montgomery weekend about Kerrys. I was also glad I got to see more of your line in person. You have truly beautiful dogs. Best of luck with Bibi and Ms. Blu.

by Markéta Šifaldová on 08/11/2007 15:14
Zdravím.Blahopřeji k překrásné Sonatě!!!! Přeji jí mnoho štěstí v novém domově a vám mnoho úspěchů na výstavách(myslím,že o tom není pochyb!!!)Těším se,až ji někde uvidím naživo.Mějte se.
by Tiia Ojamets on 07/31/2007 19:03
Good luck your kerrys!
Best wishes from Estonia, Tallinn!
by Rita J. Ulriksen from Tromsoe. Norway on 07/14/2007 22:16
Thanks for visiting my site.
I have been on a summer holiday, but now I have put your link on my site with pleasure.
Best regards from Rita & Keegan
by Irene Arrizabalaga from Laukiz - Spain on 07/04/2007 23:07
Dear Suzana:
Congratulations for your new website and your lovely Kerries.
I wish you a lot of success in the future with your dogs.
I'm a breeder of Irish Terrier in Spain and I am a friend of Maribel and Miguel from La Cadiera kennel.
Also I know Pippo (Kerrydom Court Indigo de la Cadiera)very well.He is marvellous and handsome.I fall in love and I adore him.
Best wishes and greetings from Spain.
Irene Arrizabalaga and Betirish Irish Terriers.
by Marte Rist on 05/21/2007 19:14

I wish you the best of luck with the puppies I guess they all look lovely! I hope you are fine!

best wishes from norway
by Rita J. Ulriksen from Tromsoe, Norway on 04/21/2007 23:07
Found your link at Marte`s site. You have really beautiful dogs!! And the "snow kerry" was lovely!! Well done. I have visiting your site with pleasure.
Best regards from Rita and her kerry Keegan
by Marte Rist on 04/17/2007 17:41
hello how are you doing? hope everything is ok Here in Norway we are doing very ok.. The snow is leaving and the spring are coming. This weekend I`m going to a dogshow with my dogs.. I`m looking forward to it. do you got any puppies now?? I hope to hear from you..
Best regards
Marte in Norway
by siv oware from norway on 03/26/2007 21:41
Greetings from some kerrys in the north . nice site and dogs, have you ever consider to place a bitch in norway for showing and titles in norway, sweden, finland and denmark please visit my site. best regards from siv and her junior handlers.
by Hugh and Angela Jordan from Ireland on 03/05/2007 10:15
Congratulations for BBs award of top terrier 2006!
by Kenyeres anna on 03/02/2007 17:27
Dear Zuza,

Congratultion for the top terrier of Hungary 2006!Bibi is always the best!I love her very much,(and of course the other dinnyésváros and kerrydom court kerries ) Hardy is imazing,I think he is on the top,with this colour...I don't beleive it! and your new baby girl ,Ninochka...such wonderfull bbaby,I saw some new photo about her on the site of de la cadiera!so,now i know that BIbi's babies will be fantastics!!i really wanna one of them,but you know i am in difficult situation cause of mymom..
by Maja from Slovenia on 02/19/2007 08:30
Congratulations for your wonderful Kerries and all the best for the future!
by Marte Rist from Harstad, Norway on 02/18/2007 09:53
hello such wonderful dogs.. nice site and I wish you the best! I see that you are having puppies, and their parents are lovely.. I guess they will be lovely too
BR from Marte
by Joseph deLeon McDuffie, Jr from Duncanville, TX, USA on 05/11/2006 01:59
How WONDERFUL and TERRIFIC it was to see that BB won a Best in Show in Tata, Hungary. This goes so far to say such wonderful things about our wonderful breed; your love, care and dedication. A big big congratulations; and we look forward to more good news. BB's daughter, "Ms Blu" -- (i.e., American Champion Kerrydom Court Heart of BluMax) send love, kisses, hugs, and congratulations too!
by Julia Geller from Tallinn, Estonia on 04/28/2006 09:01
Hi Zuzana,
BIG CONGRATULATIONS with the next BIS of my favorite BB!!!
I wish you also good luck for the future with your beautiful kerries!!!!
Best wishes from Tallinn!
by Pia Menotti from Italy on 02/20/2006 14:23
Hi Zuzana,

congratulations for the young Usa Champion !

Best greetings,
Pia and Aran kerries
by Malin Danielsson & Tindra from Karlstad, Sweden on 02/04/2006 00:31
Tindra sends a lot of kisses to you too I hope everything goes well with Gigi, and I wish you all the best.

Yours, Malin and Tindra
by Rita Lockwood from Portland Oregon USA on 01/29/2006 01:18
Zuzana, Your Kerries are gorgeous. I'm so happy you have Gigo back with you. Thank you for a beautiful tribute to Viktor. We will never forget him. & I will never forget you.
by Joseph deLeon McDuffie, Jr from Dallas, TX, USA on 01/28/2006 17:04
My very greatest thanks to you for providing me with my first KBT; and such a wonderful little girl. My little girl "Ms Blu", Kerrydom Court Heart O'BluMax is very happy; doing very well in the American show ring; and judges, handlers, the public spectators, other breeders and all just love her like I do. Thanks to you and George for hosting me at your home after such a long flight. And, hello to "BB" and "Puff", I really enjoyed meeting them as well. I look forward to seeing you at MCKC 2006 where "Ms Blu" will be shown in this very very important All-Terrier show. Best regards -- Joe McD
by Katalin Burovincz on 01/27/2006 14:02
Congratulations for beautiful Kerrydom Court kerries!!!
We wish you a lot of succes in this year!!!!
Kata, Imre and the Dinnyesvarosi Kerries
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