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by nihjo from Rostock, Germany on 08/10/2016 17:09
A couple of years I was living together with two Japanese students. On the last weekend, it was the 6th of August - I just wanted to watch the Olympic games of Rio2016 in TV and was empathized of Japanese people, watching the news and got sadly remembered of war history - the first use of an A-bomb.

I quickly downloaded at at ITunes the song "Hiroshima", which I had known as a boy in the 80's at GDR - through my fathers music-taste (a record from radio on ORWO cassette tape). Since I downloaded it, I was listening to it uncounted many times. Now I am glad, I had found the whole lyrics, including the reporters speech after 4minutes.
The song is a symbol to never forget mankind is stupid enough and able to destroy itself with such cruel things like nuclear weapons. I like this song for it's emotional music and it's Asian like elements, which it spots to this dramatic point in history.

At the end of this comment, I like to quote from Robert Oppenheimer, who was chief of the atomic weapon development team at "Manhattan Project".

I found it at

After the war he was some kind of embarrassed to what he had done and turned out to be a pacifist:

"Despite the vision and farseeing wisdom of our wartime heads of state, the physicists have felt the peculiarly intimate responsibility for suggesting, for supporting, and in the end, in large measure, for achieving the realization of atomic weapons. Nor can we forget that these weapons as they were in fact used dramatized so mercilessly the inhumanity and evil of modern war. In some sort of crude sense which no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin; and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose."
by Linda Younie from England on 02/29/2016 22:12
I just wondered if you had heardvthecsad news about Kevin. He unfortunately died last Tuesday after a short illness. Still can't believe it's true. R.I.P Kevin.
by Helen Doyle from Stockport, England on 03/30/2014 13:39
by steve whitfield from southampton on 08/29/2012 19:42
where is big al marsh the roadie
by Helen Doyle from Stockport,England on 07/01/2012 22:14
I'm sorry too to hear the sad news re:
Brian. My thoughts go to his family and friends.
by Margaret Wilson from UK on 06/01/2012 11:12
I was so sorry to hear the news about Brian. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. RIP Brian.
by Peter Møller on 05/28/2012 17:20
Rest in peace, Brian – I’ll play “1967 Wishful Thinking Vol.1″ wednesday – in remembrance.
Peter, ex-roadie.

by Wishful Thinker from Germany on 03/16/2011 01:20
Since history repeats itself and the nuclear drama in Japan spreads it would be perfect to create the 'Fukushima'-version of your unforgotten superhit 'Hiroshima'. I think this could help the people of Japan and all of us in renewing our way of thinking concerning nuclear techniques.
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by Peter Møller from Copenhagen on 01/29/2011 11:06

Hi Allan!
I'm Peter, privilaged to have acted as roady to the roady Allan during early 1960's.

How are you?

by Brian Allender from France on 01/03/2011 15:08
It is with great sadness that we announce the recent death of Terry New. Terry was lead guitarist and vocalist in the original 60's Wishful Thinking. He played an important part in the early success of the group in Scandinavia and can be heard on the the first hit recordings the group had in Denmark - Turning Round and Step by Step. Terry was well respected as a musician, not only by his fellow band members, but also by musicians from other bands that Wishful Thinking worked with. The foundation Terry laid down was instrumental in the group's continued success in the 60's. We shall remember Terry as an excellent musician with a great sense of humour and, above all, a good friend. Our thoughts are with his family, Christine, Lucy and Martin at this sad time. Brian, Roy and Richard
by Allan P from Telford Shropshire on 09/27/2010 17:34
Privilaged to have acted as Roady during early 1960's tour of group through Holland , Germany and Denmark....

Wishful Thinking Live volume 1........

What did King Owl translate too from the lyrics ??????
by Margaret Wilson from Bedfordshire, UK on 09/08/2010 13:13

Kevin was on the radio on Sunday evening (with Eve) talking about New Seekers and he also had a few stories from Wishful Thinking days too!

In case anyone is interested I've pasted the link to the radio show below
If you're not able to access the link, its BBC Three Counties Radio or BBC Norfolk, Keith Skues show, which was broadcast on Sunday 5 September at 9 pm. The interview with Eve and Kevin is on at 10 pm. I think you may only be able to access this listen again link up to Sunday 12 September 2010.

Happy listening.

by joline on 07/18/2010 00:56
hallo ihr lieben
ich möchte euch nocheinmal für das schöne aber traurige lied von hiroshima
danken denn keiner hat es bisher so schön gesungen wie ihr hier in deutschland mag es immer noch jeder gerne hören ihr seit die besten.
herzlichst joline
by Joan Spreadborough from Australia on 12/31/2009 01:40
I saw your reply about Daniel Boone. Roy used to belong to Daniel Boone and the renegades while at Farnborough Grammar.
by david on 11/16/2009 16:46
long time since i wrote thank to mags but i obtained a copy ov hirosima full version from a p2p site(i know i should'nt have but it was a must have) the guitar riff in it is fantastic it reminds me of stairway to heaven nice 2 c tha boys r bk 2gether again hope they do uk tour and come down my way in wales thier up there with my ova group "MAN"
by Margaret Wilson from Hertfordshire, UK on 07/07/2009 11:20

Browsing on You Tube this morning I happened to come across something else that has been added.............. why not take a look and have a listen to the super sounds, I've pasted the link below.

I'm sure you're going to enjoy it.

Love Mags x
by Margaret Wilson from Hertfordshire, England on 07/02/2009 22:05

I just had to share this with you.................

Take a look at Wishful Thinking on You Tube (I'll paste the link below). The tracks have been recently added.

The first one is "Hiroshima", a slightly different version from the album track and there's lots of super pics that have been loaded with the song, they really are good - I'm sure you'll recognise a few people that you know!!!

"America" has also been added - again with some super pics of Kevin and the guys (some of the pics are different from the Hiroshima pictures so take a look at this as well and listen to the track.

Anyway, enjoy.......... you really are in for a treat.

Love Mags
by andyman from d on 05/21/2009 20:45

on their 1970 albums, i always read something about "Philip Bailey". Is this another Philip Bailey than the one from Earth Wind & Fire fame?

Would be a bit funny to be a British band and apart from Roger Charles, have a song co-written by an US guy...
On which 70ies albums did you read Philip Bailey???

Well, nevertheless this Philip Bailey has nothing to do with Earth, Wind & Fire! He was a friend of bass player Roger Charles. They composed two tracks together recorded by WT:
"I Want You Girl" (1968) and "Waterfall" (1970).

But it would be very interesting to know which albums you mean!

by jerry rose from new milton hants on 02/15/2009 11:39
hello ive worked with tony collier for 2 years and he told me all about the band and how big you were in the sixties. Hiroshima is a great and sad song . My 11 year old son jack has listened to it and he likes it. He is a keen guitar player. We look foward to hearing new songs soon . Please say hello to toni. Thanks jerry.
by Adrian from UK on 01/05/2009 18:07
Just found this site. I have been looking for a CD release of the 'Hiroshima' LP. Is there likely to be one? It was a favourite of mine - I still have it on vinyl but no means to play it!!
Hi Adrian,
I'm sorry, but there is no official re-release of the album "Hiroshima" up to now!
There's only a German compilation which includes appr. half of the album plus some newer tracks.

Best regards,
by Helen.D. from Stockport,England on 12/22/2008 13:37
Just wanted to wish everyone on here
a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Helen D.
by Margaret Wilson from Hemel Hempstead, UK on 12/22/2008 10:35
Hi Anette,

I'm sure I can help you with this, happy to help. I'll be in touch.

Kindest regards
by Anette Whelan from Adelaide SA on 12/22/2008 03:18
Hi everyone. I am hoping that someone out there can help me.

I am hoping to help my mother with all her family history stuff (She is Roy Spreadborough's cousin) and get together a collection of Wishful Thinking/The Emeralds music that she can keep with the family history. I am having no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas where i can get cds or mp3s with this on it?

Please email me direct at
if you can help.

Thanks in advance
by Anette Whelan from Adelaide SA on 12/22/2008 03:08
I am looking to find some of Wishful Thinking/The Emerald's tracks so I can give mum them for her collection but am having no luck. My mother is Roy Spreadborough's cousin so I know this is something she would desperately love. Does anyone have suggestions where I can get them on MP3 or CD?

Please email me direct at
if you can help.

Thanks in advance
by Stewart from Perth, Australia on 12/07/2008 23:30
I have a copy of the 1971 album "Hiroshima" (on vinyl, of course) from the very earliest days of my record collecting. I recently transferred it to digital format and, with my PC on random play yesterday, up came "The United States of Europe '79", one of my favourite songs from my teens. Thought then of trying to find Wishful Thinking on the web - Google is my friend - and found the site. Keep up the good work!
by Linda from England on 12/06/2008 13:02
Well all has worked out well. Roger came over to England and he actually came to see me. I was well impressed. It was loveley to see him after 35 years. We talked as if we had been i touch forever. Thanks to this website.
Hi Linda,
great that you met Roger! It's now 3 years ago that I met the band when they played in the German show "Ultimative Chart-Show" in Cologne.
I guess he's doing fine!
All the best and merry X-mas to you and all visitors of this website!

the webmaster
by Linda from Herts UK on 11/27/2008 12:58
Hi Everyone
Sorry my PC went down so haven't been on here for a while. Seems like theres a lot more people on here now. I would love a cope of Live Vol 2 if anyone has it . I would also love to hear from or hear what Roger is up to now. He was my Favourite.
Love to all
by Helen.D. from Stockport,England on 11/19/2008 17:28
Hi Leif,

Regarding 'Hiroshima'. Is it the album
or single you would like?

For me to send it,maybe you could
email your postal address or just your Email address to start with, via Andreas, then perhaps he could send it
through to me - if that's ok, Andreas!

Helen D.
Nothing easier than that! :-)
by Leif Henschel on 11/17/2008 09:17
Hi Helen D

Hiroshima is fine, I would be happy.

Maybe some other can help me with Live Vol. 2.

How do we do this?

by Helen.D. from Stockport,England on 11/14/2008 17:29
Hi Lief,again,
I must apologise. I made an error
in that last message.
It's the Live vol.1 that I've got,
not No.2. Sorry.

by Helen.D. from Stockport,England on 11/13/2008 21:40
Hi Leif,
I could help you there with
those 2 titles!

from Helen.D.
by Leif Henschel on 11/13/2008 13:59
Hello All

Is there anyone who want to help me?
I would like to have Hiroshima and Live vol. 2 on cd.
Is that possible?

Thanks for a great WT site, Andreas
by Helen.D. from Stockport,England on 11/11/2008 19:15
I agree with you there Mags, a Wishful Thinking book would be great,it would make super reading.

just while I'm on- who sings lead vocals in the song V.I.P? It's a good song,but it always makes me jump when it starts,whatever the volume level!!!
by Mags from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire UK on 10/22/2008 22:49
Hi David,

I may have a spare copy of the long version of Hiroshima, I think I have it on CD so I'll look it out for you.

Also, I know that there's not (yet) a book about Wishful Thinking - wouldn't it be great though if there was something? I know there's loads of super information on this website going right back to the early days, but wouldn't it be great if we could hear some more of their stories......

Just a thought anyway.....

Mags x
by david on 10/21/2008 16:59
thanx 4 ur reply 2 my msg wud like 2 know if u know where i can get tha full version ov hiroshima on cd if poss and is it deleated or where i can get it secand hand also is there any books out there on wishful thinking keep up tha gd work
Try Ebay at (cut and paste into your browser):

These Maxi-CDs include both the long versions of "Hiroshima" and "America".

No up to now there's no book on WISHFUL THINKING.
by david from wales uk on 10/20/2008 14:00
jus gt hold ov tha wishful thinking album self titled on global records and was disapointed in a way tha hiroshima track is only tha short version not tha full version tha cd is a reissue ov tha lp and tape released in 1979 tracks r from 1970 2 1979 at least i got 2 blast hiroshima out loud gr8t
Hi David,
thanx for your guestbook entry!
I just compared the Hiroshima version from the "white CD" with the version from the original B&C-Records-vinyl and I must say they are exactly the same length!
Is it possible that you mixed the 4:51-version with the "Special Mix New Long Version" from 1982, which is 6:55 long?? This special version (backed with a longer version of "America") was remixed from the original to get a Maxi-single version.
by Baron Air on 10/12/2008 23:14
Hello @ all! I am sorry, but my english is very bad. I come from Austria and I am 47 years old and I only want to say this: Tank you, Wishful Thinking, for the best song ever in the hole world: Hiroshima!!!!
by Kirsten Kersebo from Copenhagen on 10/09/2008 18:18
Hi, really enjoyed reading this site. Reminds me of my youth with good music and not a care except when to see WT next time.Me and my friends used to see WT whenever they played Copenhagen/Hit House/Le Carrousell etc. Is there anybody who knows what happend to Roger?Liked him a lot...because of the way he played his bass, of caurse...what else?:-))
by Helen.D. from Stockport,England on 08/29/2008 19:51
This afternoon I was looking at an old
LP of various artistes and saw there
was a song on it called 'Annabel' by
'Daniel Boone'.
Would that be the same Daniel Boone in
connection with Roy Spreadborough or a
completely different person?

Does anyone know?

HelenD x
Hi Helen,
no Daniel Boone has no connection to Roy Spreadborough.
Daniel Boone - real name was Peter Lee Sterling - was a singer/ songwriter in the beginning of the 70ies.
Andreas the webmaster
P.S.: I haven't forgotten the promised CD! Please be a bit more patient! Sorry!
by Linda Younie (nee Lara) from Takeley, England on 06/23/2008 22:52
Hi All

In answer to the last post on the guest book I'm sure its Kevin's voice at the end of 'Alone'.
If anyone can let me have a copy of Wishful Thining Live vol2 and/or any of Rogers tracks please let me know. I'll send and empty CD to put it all on.
Still love ya lads xxxx
Hi Linda,
why don't you contact the webmaster of this site ;-)
by Val from UK on 06/23/2008 18:17
Hi Helen,
I always thought that it was Kevin Scott/Finn talking at the end of Alone..... he has a very distinct voice.
by Helen.D. from Stockport,England on 06/19/2008 21:46
I would like to hear a couple of
'The Emeralds' tracks too.

In the song 'ALONE', does anyone know
which member of the group is speaking
at the end? I thought maybe it was John,
but not sure.

I noticed last week when having a thorough read of everything on this
website (it took quite a while!!),that
it was Brian's birthday this week (18th),

from Helen x
by Michael from UK on 06/17/2008 10:30
I wouldn't mind copies of these either Helen
by Margaret Wilson from Hertfordshire, UK on 06/17/2008 09:56
Hello Helen,
So glad that I was able to put the Wishful tracks on to your MP3 for you to enjoy and as promised, as soon as I get last few tracks copied over onto CD (including the "Time" tracks) I'll do the same again for you.
Like you, I really enjoy listening to all the tracks and especially the harmonies. I must admit though that my favs are Its so easy, United States of Europe and all of the Live album. You are right about Alone and Vegetables, they certainly make me smile too.
Take care,
Love Mags x
by Helen.D. from Stockport,England on 06/15/2008 19:34
Hi, Does anyone know where I can
obtain copies of releases by 'TIME',
'EUROPA PARK SONG'(english version)?

from Helen D.
by Helen.D. from Stockport,England on 06/12/2008 21:09
Over the last few days and at this
moment I've been catching up on a lot of
Wishful Thinking songs,some I've been
waiting years to hear and others I haven't heard for a little while and I
think they're all absolutely BRILLIANT!
You all, (WT),sound great together!
'HORIZON' and 'MEET THE SUN' sound terrific! 'ALONE' and 'VEGETABLES'
made me laugh!! love Helen x
by david from wales uk on 05/13/2008 15:19
been on tha global records web site ad no joy waiting 4 catalouge at tha mo trying thay said that they ave their self titled cd om global warming rec 4 5.95 english pounnds waiting 4 a reply 2 c if its in stock 1 day i'll get 2 blast out loud hiroshima
by Eden Malone on 05/10/2008 13:17
Hi Andreas
fantastic site and you've done the group proud with all your hard work.
Eden Kevin Scott fan
by david from south wales uk on 04/10/2008 17:21
found a few intresting videos 2 the song hiroshima on myspace including the 2 version of the song by sandra not as gd as wishful thinkigs version go and check em out sum are strange
by Ian Hockney from England on 03/30/2008 11:19
I saw Brian on 26th March when my wife and I had luch with him at his home in France. He is well and happy living in France. He saw Roy a few weeks ago at Roys grandchilds christening, as Roy also lives in France. I last saw Roger when he was over from Perth Australia late 2004/05 when he stayed with us for a few days. It was great fun catching up and he attended our 40th wedding celebrations. It is great to see that the memory of Wishful is being kept alive, I used to set up Brians drums at gigs and was very involved when they were performing in the UK. Happy Days. Good luck to everyone

(Total 79 entries)
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