That´s my second guestbook for my Trip from Gibraltar to Australia. The entries of my first Guestbook you will find on my homepage...
Hello my friends! Here you can left some words for me and tell me something about my website or give me a note to the other side of the earth (or where ever I am now...). I am very happy to see some new entries in my guiestbook if I have a chance to look on my site in a Internetcafe or somewhere else. Love, Linda

(Total 61 entries)
by Obrist Nicolas on 12/06/2015 04:18
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by Keith Munro from Surrey UK on 12/01/2014 00:38
Hi Linda. You don't know me from Adam! However, any friend of Angela and Geoff B is also a friend of mine! I've read your book about your adventure with Angela and Jacky... really enjoyed it! My wife June and I were with A&G on Friday (28.11.14) and we all had a wonderful time together.
Geoff and I were at school together and had some time together in our teens as bikers. Sweet memories! Geoff and I, together with our friend Ron have planned a visit to the IoM next year - for the 2015 TT races. This will be exactly 50 years since we made our first trip to the TT. Thank you for the book and my best wishes to you. Keith.
by LINDA COLLINS from CANADA on 08/06/2014 02:00
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by Fadir on 09/19/2013 16:51
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by johanna on 02/13/2013 10:55
Dearest Linda, what e lovely surprise to hear from you in the form of a hat. Thank you so much, it is beautiful. Around christmas I will be in New Zealand, any chance of meeting and greeting. Please let me know. All my love Johanna
by Bea on 11/26/2011 21:02
Men here are no good car drivers
by Isabel Storey from 9/9 Grantala Road on 07/29/2011 05:30

Come around and talk about best/better way of getting eyrewriters online? While the group seems to think I am the guru - you are way in front of me.
8682 6993
04 1392 0668
by liz humphreys from Masaka uganda on 03/20/2011 21:12
Please send your email address
Much love

by Marcello Carucci from Roma/ Italia on 01/18/2011 22:12
ottimo, brava complimenti
by Malin Björkman from Finland on 12/15/2010 01:47
Thank you for your inspiring site!

Have been planning a tour to s.america and wondered if I,m brave enough to do it alone. You gave me currage!

Best wishes
by Sandra Davis from 29 Aranda Drive. Davidson 2085 Australia on 11/02/2010 01:07
Hi Linda, We met when you first came to Australia & you & I started racing together with Willoughby M/C. I am in SA on holidays & I thought of you, I checked to see if you were still here.I just sold my 1972 CB500 Honda & brought a CB250.
Hope you remember me & will write back.
Cheers Sandra
by michael hamscher from phrao - north thailand on 10/05/2010 13:38
hi linda,
hoffe dir geht es gut - irgendwo in der welt!!! wann kommst du nochmals nach thailand und zu uns???
Doi Farang Bungalow Holiday Resort in Phrao?
liebe gruesse michael & nongluck
by Jean & Allan Leppanen from Cambridge Ontario,Canada on 08/02/2010 17:27
Just finished your book and was totaly enthralled with it. Also we enjoyed our visit with you and Roger and Kathy. Hope you have a great time on the road again
Take care
by Barbara McEvoy from Campbelltown, S.A. Australia on 07/31/2010 02:29
HI linda. Currently reading "Where Angels Fear to Tread". Amazing! Am once again a member of WIMA SA. Going to Camberra for60th anniversary. Am still riding at 73! Barb.
by Midge Carter from Perth Western Australia on 07/16/2010 19:06
Hi Linda, met you at Trout Rally in 1974 in Rhodesia and you later came to our home in Amanzimtoti. I have lived in Perth since 1987, ride a CX500. I see we both have Nov B/Days, you will be 65, me 80. Will look forward to your reply
by sally read from snowy cumbria on 12/23/2009 08:51
like a bad penny you turn up on the interweb thingy. happy christmas.
by Wendy from UK on 12/10/2009 12:20
Dear Linda,
Great to see you back in Europe!
Wishing you all the best and looking forward to reading about your adventures in your next book!
by Muhammad Ali from Sukkur City, Sindh, Pakistan on 09/09/2009 21:51
Hello Linda !

I'm from Sukkur City, Sindh, Pakistan
It's good to see your over all tour, specialy the pictures of Pakistan & India.

I wish you good luck & also wish you to live more 100 Years so that you can come back to those areas & must see what you have missed like Kot DG Fort, & some interesting places at Sukkur City, Pakistan
by fred klein from on the roads from the world on 09/08/2009 07:00
hey little linda,
it will be nice when anyone know where you are no,give us a sign,
have my first crash in NZ on the trip,but I start in october travelling again,all the best for you,
by Francisco (chinquena) from Verin-Orense-España on 08/12/2009 19:42
hola linda, no habia podido escribir antes puesto que habia perdido tu direccion, hayer la encontre y hoy sin mas dilaccion te pongo estas letras, espero te encuentres bien alla donde estes, Un saludo y Vsss.
by fred klein from on the roads from the world on 04/09/2009 07:36
hey little linda

hope your are well,long time ago to hear anything from you,i'm now in Nz,since thre months,change my bmw to a smaller klr 650 one,have a good eastertime,fred.
by Graham Butler from Essex, England, UK on 02/14/2009 16:03
Linda, hi, you probably don't remember me but we have met in the dim and distant past. Apart from anyone else (including John Sargent) I was a big friend of Steve Cawthorne's and last year I contacted Christine, his sister, and have, with the families permission, compiled a website of his letters and photo's. If you or anyone else is interested here's the address :


Graham Butler
by Paul Hyland from Australia on 12/22/2008 05:18
Just found your web site and I know its a few years later but I think your fantastic what an inspiration. Never mind all these over prepared trips. There's you off on your bike. My mother is your age and backpacking at the moment. Here's me half your age and worried about it.
You're great, hope you have many more years on the bike.
by amzah sulaiman from 36 taman pelangi sitiawan PK Malaysia on 08/16/2008 03:19
Dear Linda,

Bravo Zulu! Very interesting journey and inspire me to ride the world. Take care and you will soon find meet somewhere in this planet. Amzah
by Andria Jones on 06/10/2008 15:54
Hi Linda,

Just rummaging through the old Cassava News and saw the link for your web site! All I can say is, you are a truly remarkable woman and congratulations on reaching Oz. Where and what are you doing now? And do you have more biking antics planned?
Take care honey,
by jade from Melbourne Australia on 01/11/2008 08:29
just wanted to say a quick hello! heard you were enjoying the awesome roads in tassie. Would love to catch up when you get to melbourne

by Richard Bailey from Lancashire UK on 11/20/2007 20:41
Well done Linda.

I've been wondering where in the world (literally) you were when the Casa Linda website stopped working. Hope you remember myself and Graham on the Suzuki Bandits that dropped in for a short stay in Castillejos. Love and best wishes, take care.
by Heiner from Schwäbische Alb on 08/27/2007 14:21
Hi Linda,

I didn´t hear anything from you since nearly 2 month. Where are you at present?

See you soon,
by Sandra from New Zealand on 08/15/2007 13:13
You're an inspiration...and you do what others only dream of.

by carmel sanders from Normanville SA on 08/13/2007 13:39
G'day Linda,
Moira would like to hear from you again, have you changed email address? Last I heard from you, you were going back to Darwin. I sent email but never heard back. Where are you? Halloooo!
Love Carmel
by Shona from Campbell's Creek on 08/08/2007 06:18
Found your site through Gillian ... who has encouraged me to "get on your bike". Well done on your great trip. Would love to meet you ... what an inspiration you are! What an achievement you have done.
by Gillian Frances from Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia..but only just. on 08/07/2007 10:59
Linda I have found your website throug WIMA just at the time I am most restless and anxious to get on the road again. Thanks for the inspiration! I do wonder where you are right now (August 07) and offer hospitality if it is ever the right time and place!

by Antonio Caldeira from Porto, Portugal on 05/09/2007 01:01
Hi Linda! Its nice to know that you arrived safe in Australia. What an adventure. Who could only guess that the lady doing her presentation on the portuguese HU meeting would teach us a lesson of courage like the one you've just done. I wish we could be together some day and you could tell all the stories untold in this web site...
All the best for you is the sincere wish from a farway friend.
by Eriks on 04/16/2007 06:37
Hi Linda, you've probably havent heard of me, but I've heard A LOT about you because I've been driving a month or two behind you for the last months. Among other things I also ended up in the far-flung village of Panggul and bumped into Dr. Suhartono and Flo and stayed with them for a few days. Now, what are the chances of such a coincidence in a 200 million people country?
Anyway, in Bali I picked up an issue of Bali Bikers Magazine with you being the postergirl. I have the magazine with me, and if you want me to send it to you just let me know.
by antonio troya from san roque on 04/15/2007 22:08
Hola linda, espero que estes muy bien y que te lo estes pasando muy bien, tenemos ganas de verte, no te hemos mandado mas email desde el ultimo porque no sabiamos el nombre de la pagina. Espero que nos veamos pronto, un saludo de Antonio y Mari..besos!
by kerrie oakes from australia on 04/14/2007 11:37
hi linda, i just got news of your amazing trip from the state president of the Queensland branch of WIMA.....what a marvellous achievement for you. i am only a fairly new rider - got my licence at 44 and have only been riding for 6 months now. but i am starting to get a sense of how much fun riding it is. adventures like yours are a great inspiration to me. thank you.

by Jens, Ilka, Niels & Pia Homberg from 26441 Jever on 03/28/2007 16:54
Dear Linda,

we´re glad to hear that you have finished your great trip safely in Australia. Congratulations from us all! We hobe to meet you soon again at Frank´s "bushman-meeting" in Kirchheim.

And we hope to visit you someday at your home in spain.

Jens, Ilka, Niels and Pia
by Lampros Zigaropoulos from Athens, Greece on 02/13/2007 12:57
The only place that is too far away is the one that the mind is being afraid to go.Well done!! You have became a legend.
by chinquena from verin-orense-españa on 02/08/2007 10:44
saludos y feliz cumpleaños aunque con retraso.
by Colin Stephen Pegram from Harlow, Essex, England on 02/04/2007 20:30
Wow Linda - Great reading, Great Photos, Great website and if I could win that Lottery I would be riding the roads with you, all I can manage is a two week European Trip once a year in June and a long weekend to Normandy in September. Then there is the weekend Camping trips to somewhere in England. But im happy with that while I still have to work for a living. But if im still riding when i retire in 6 years i will be off around this planet.
Good luck to you Linda and happy travels.
by Jac and Bobby from Singapore on 01/24/2007 08:56
Dear Linda,

Congratulations on making your way to Australia! We had a lovely time with you in Lombok, have a pleasant stay at Australia and all the best!
by Jade from Melbourne, Oz on 01/09/2007 08:52

well my trip has been pushed back 2 months till march as i have found myself a boy who is going to travel with me. when will you be in melbourne??? would love to catch up!
by VAWExCarmel Sanders from Lot 2 Williss Drive, Normanville, S Aust. 5204 on 01/06/2007 02:31
Dear Biker Mate,
received your last card saying you would be spending xmas in Darwin, did you make it and where are you now. The bed is ready and waiting, lost your email address somehow. It's age!
Trust Xmas wherever was good and 2007 even better than all the other years.
Saw Coral at the Plant Nursery for a few miinutes - it will happen that we get a cuppa together. Sold my Suzi and trailer to a young girl down here, am envious on Sundays when they all go tearing past. That's life, a Gopher will be next!!! Lots of love Carmelxx
by karen and hollie from australia on 01/04/2007 14:05
loved the song far away friends ... rings true. we are both motorbike travelling explorers and have recently toured northern india on royal enfields 350cc reaching the highest motorable road in the world, khandung la. We are at present working and living in melbourne, australia so if you need a place to stay you are most welcome.

happy trails
by sammy on 12/23/2006 19:41
glad to hear your haing fun on yor travels lindy, mum says hi and dad says get back on your bike. hope to see you soon, have fun down unda, love you lots, you fave and only niece xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
by Kenny Smith from Glasgow on 12/20/2006 23:36
Hi Linda ,belated birthday greetings and i hope you have a great Christmas.What a trip! Have been following your progress with great admiration ..All i manage these days is an annual to Ireland but the cracks good. Home for Christmas and Hogmanay but miss out on CC. Take care . Kenny
by Martyn from Maidstone, England on 12/14/2006 16:55
Hi Linda

Just found your website via Horizons unlimited, wow what a brilliant trip you are having. You are a real inspiration for all bikers. I have been riding for many years now & my wife has just passed her CBT bike test & has now decided to take her full bike test & I will show her your site tonight. Take care & maybe we will see you on the road sometime.
Regards Martyn
by Renata & Tobias from on the road on 12/13/2006 07:59
Hello Linda,

we are a couple, traveling overland on 2 Transalps from Germany to Malaysia now and continue to Australia...we are following you.
When you came back from Cambodia you stayed in a home stay near Wang Takhrei, where we found youe Guestbook-comment 3 days later.
It would be nice to meet you some day...maybe in Australia...

Always a safe travel

Renata & Tobias
by bob barden from 12 nardoo hallett cove on 11/30/2006 02:42
Hi Linda, The new Indian Enfield 500 arrives next week. Have loved following your adventures. Please get in touch when you reach Oz.
Love Bob barden
by linda doherty from wilmington, n.c. 28412 on 11/29/2006 14:39
I read about your journey at the WIMA my daughter Erin and her two friends are going on a Silk Road trip China on motorcycles next July. I ride a 750 Virago, Yamaha and just wanted to pass on my admiration to you and your wonderful journey.

(Total 61 entries)
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