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von Dachochai Wilairat am 23.09.2015 19:20
Hi Rainer,

Hope you are stay well, and still keep you collection.
I visit this site since year 2000, great site i am your fanpage from Thailand. Your page and yourseft are idol of many people around the world, i think we will happy if it will active, to remember to the good old day.

Now, i follow you i collect 504, 505 Gti, 605 Sri

Thank you, Tom

von Phil Smith aus F'ton CT USA am 09.09.2013 20:37
Rainer Wilken....
nicht Rainer Wilke von Ulm?

von Tom Brearley am 13.01.2012 21:43
Excellently designed website about an excellent car.

von Frederic ROBERT aus PARIS - France am 20.03.2011 12:59
Hello all,
I'm a Peugeot 504 enthusiast (some of my pictures are on the Garage24 site)and I manage a Peugeot 504 model car project (Peugeot 504 USA and Pinifarina Riviera 1/43 scale resin high quality)
Have a look at my web site and contact me if you're interested.

von Wayne Magnuson aus Calgary, Alberta am 10.06.2010 17:54
Nice to find a Peugeot friendly site with photos and articles for "lost" Lyons. My cars: 1986 505 STI 2.0 & 1989 405 DL, both low mileage. The 405 surprises Hondas & Mazdas at high speed. Thanks for sharing your information and enthusiasm.

von mohamed hussien am 10.04.2010 16:13
I am Egyptian & i have a great 505 80 sr
it's beautiful & long live car

von JJ Smith am 10.03.2010 14:13
I love your website. i own a 1980 504GL.I live in South Africa. On the 504.org site is a parts list for the 504. Do you know how I can get a copy?
regards JJ

von Shin Hoshikawa am 13.02.2010 22:23
Originally posted in 2003. My email address has changed since. So, here is a new one - pl510er@comcast.net. I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan, but moved to the U.S. in 1972. Now live in Bellevue, Washington. I have a 1987 505 Turbo SW, slightly tired but running perfect.

von Jonas aus Porto-Novo, Benin am 07.10.2009 11:44
Hey guys,

i stopped by your page during collecting information about the 504. I fell irrestistibly in love with that car here in Benin and i'm going to buy one the next weeks. Thinking of driving it back to Germany.
I just wanted to say that i admire the work you do with that site! Really great stuff!

von alex aus 56626 Andernach am 23.09.2009 22:34
hey wirklich schöne Seite. Macht weiter so, besonders der Aufbau der Seite gefählt mir. Sehr Sauber.

mfg alex

von DUDO am 07.01.2009 17:13
Dido from Algeria
Thank you for the excellent site

My friend loves the old Peugeot cars to the core

I would like to buy a Peugeot 604 BREAK

von Alen am 12.10.2008 18:42
Where could I buy a bodykit for the Peugeot 605??
Perhaps a RoyalGutmann......


von alen am 12.10.2008 18:39
Hello, very nice page you have here.
I just had one question. Where could i buy a Royal Gutmann kit for my 605?? I know it's hard to find but are there any replicas or similar things out there? Or, if you know another body kit that fits the 605.


von Amgad Beniamin am 03.01.2008 08:15
Very nicely done, great tribute to a legend, 504 that is.

von Budi Nurrachmad am 25.09.2007 02:28
Hi Rainer,

Still remember me? ur friend from Jakarta Indonesia. We were together tracking junkyards around Jakarta on Desember 2004. Btw today 25 Sep 2007 is the 3rd birthday of our Peugeot 504 Indonesia Community, hope all this community friendship on top on our common interest on 504 could stick us all together till death take us apart ;-). All the best for your website and for all 504 enthusiasts around the world.

von Babak am 19.09.2007 20:39
You'r not active anymore?

von Babak am 18.09.2007 15:06
Do you still continu with garage24.net?
Do I have the possibility of sending photos?
Would you please send me an e-mail and answer my questions? Cause I have lots of photos of this beautiful car (504) in my country.You can't find 504 as many as in my country in any ather coutries!


von Khaled am 16.06.2007 10:28
Hi, Great web site , I have a suggestion of adding a section where everyone can contribute by adding details of things they have done in their Pug, so that we can share the experience. Maybe hints, tips, tricks, ...etc.
With maybe the ability of uploading photos as a step by step helpful ideas.

von PAMBOS am 06.06.2007 21:14
very good site,thanks that you have my car pic 504 Cyprus

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