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von FinnTheHuman aus Hong Kong am 18.04.2017 11:15
Thank for fixing the links ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

von Arkhamrose am 08.09.2016 08:07
You have beautiful creations, but sadly the download links do not work. I've only received a "server refused connection" message. I hope someone out there can fix the download issue. Or, if the site is dead, I hope someone archives these beautiful creations on the graveyard. It's a shame to see them disappear forever.

von Katerina am 29.08.2016 20:16
Hi! I soooo love your LOTR stuff but the downloads do not work
Could you please please please fix the problem?

von Yavannah am 18.02.2016 18:48
Hi again.

There is again problems with you downloadlinks. Many off them doesn't work and give just an error message.
So could you please check and fix the problem, because you still have very nice stuff that I like to downldoad in my game.

von Johanna am 20.01.2013 01:42
Downloads > Medieval/Fantasy > Page 7, last male outfit link is DEAD!!! Please fix it!

von Nata am 29.12.2012 18:57
Nice things

thank you

von dRWn am 24.12.2012 07:52
Those CC are just amazing!
Thank you guys

von Ginnie aus You're Back! am 22.12.2012 22:31
Welcome back! As I do the updates for Saving the Sims, I've missed your creations.

von Chi am 07.12.2012 10:26
Love it! The Medieval clothes are awesome, just what I needed!

von Yavannah am 14.08.2012 08:58
I like you site, but I have to say that some of your download links doesn't work. So if you please check them, because I like to have some of you medieval clothes in my game.

But again I have to say that you have very nice site.
And part my bad englis, it just not my home language.

von Siraelka am 17.03.2012 05:52
Hey, I was just browsing through the wonderfull stuff you have here and I was very surprised to see three dresses from the Czech/German fairy tale about Cinderella. Thank you for those, they are incredible ;-)

von anonymous am 07.03.2012 11:15
I really like your creations!

von Jess am 16.11.2011 00:48
I Love your site!!!

von VERO aus V am 05.10.2011 21:38
The best sims 2 site i've ever seen, i downloaded almost everything, you're awesome

von Harleigh Blake aus um.. Idk what that says xD am 29.07.2011 00:23
I like everything. I don't speak german tho...Google translate helped me I LOVE Your old time stuff <33

von Ksenija am 28.07.2011 00:19
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With ув.Ksenija

von Martha63 am 10.06.2011 16:21
Hello, we would love to affiliate with your beautiful site and perhaps exchange updates. I was unable to contact you thru the email because I can not use Outlook. Please contact me, thanks!

von DJ Herself am 16.05.2011 13:04
You have some very lovely items on your site but none of the download links seem to be working.

von tanja aus germany am 08.05.2011 13:00
WOW i absolutly like your site but ! i miss one thing the theme lord of the rings can you make somthing from lord of the rings vor sims 2 pleas

so thumbs up vor your very beautyfull site

von Margrete(Maggie) am 14.04.2011 14:09
Hi, i'm a girl from Norway and I just looooooooooooooove you'r site. I just love everithing abaout it. It have so beutiful clothes.

Love Maggi( it eseyer then saying Margrete)

Sorry for bad english

von madie am 22.03.2011 21:46
super seite. geil, erlich. by

von Seraphina am 09.01.2011 01:27
eure Seite ist spitze - gerade, was die tollen Filmkostüme angeht, aber auch bei den anderen Bereichen hab ich viele schöne Sachen gefunden.
Ein kleiner Wermutstropfen ist allerdings, dass einige Downloads scheinbar nicht funktionieren, etwas bei der Sportkleidung auf Seite eins (letzte Zeile Mitte beispielsweise). Das finde ich sehr schade, gerade, weil ich solche Kleidung noch nirgendwo sonst gefunden habe.
LG, Seraphina

von Sims2freak am 01.12.2010 16:21
i love your custom content can you make more sims 2 stuff for teens in dark fashion plz!!!!

von GracyMilk am 20.11.2010 14:48
Sehr gute Arbeit
keep on going!!!

von shahannah am 21.09.2010 04:00
I love your website. I have enjoyed all of the Lord Of The Ring movies, and, Legolas, happens to be my favorite character. I have him downloaded in my game, and everytime that I have to reboot my computer, I always come back to your website to redownload the Legolas File. What I would like to know is, do you think you could use your talents to create Legolas's prince outfit that he wore in the last movie, and, make it a formal wear? I cannot find it anywhere, and, I love the way you guys have captured the look of the clothes, from the movies. Thanks.

von Lady Utopia aus HH Rahlstedt am 12.09.2010 16:51

Ein riesiges Lob an Euch, mache dieser Kleider sind eifach nur geil!
Ich bin sowas von abgegangen!
Geil, Geil, super das es noch Menschen mit Geschmack gibt! Der Bereich Dark Fashion und der Mittelalterliche Teil, einfach wunderschön!
Vielen DAnk!

LG L. Utopia

von mily am 06.08.2010 21:05
I love how the site has a mixture of Medival and regular clothes.I think you should add some toddler though.And a bit more childrens clothes.

von Julia am 28.07.2010 01:37
Wow! I love so much of what you have on this site! The medieval/fantasy outfits are so beautiful I think was only a few that I didn't download out of the many pages you have.

I have a question: on page 2 of your 'formal wear' section, there's a girl in a yellow gown with a curving staircase behind her. I love that staircase and have searched for one like it forever! Where did you download it from??

von Julia am 30.06.2010 16:49
You have so much beautiful CC here, I hardly know where to start. The ballet costumes are just gorgeous and a perfect CC, because the ones in the game are boring at best. The ones you designed are a dream - detailed, elegant, and finally my Sims have a huge choice of beautiful outfits when practising ballet.

Thanks so much, and I'll comment on your Lord of the Rings stuff when I have the time to write out 15 minutes worth of euphoric raving!

von Morgaine am 24.06.2010 20:57
First I want to say, thank you for your beautiful medieval, LOTR and Narnia clothes. (Your other clothes are great, too, but I play medieval.) ESPECIALLY the menswear. There can never be enough medieval menswear -- especially well-made menswear!!

But I do have a quick question. I noticed when looking at the preview pictures for your latest update that two of your ladies were wearing recolors of FantasyRogue's crispinette mesh. Where did you get those? Or if you made them yourselves -- WOW! They're lovely! And I will keep my fingers crossed for a release at some point.

Anyway, thank you, thank you for the lovely clothes, and keep up the great work!

von Minnen am 22.06.2010 03:45
THANK YOU for the new medieval skins! I am so happy! Your work is so lovely in the game and your choice of content is just what I keep looking for. Please keep making wonderful medieval and fantasy and historical skins! Love your work!

von Sabrina am 20.06.2010 10:41
Wow, die Seite ist echt der Hammer!
So schöne Kleider und Kostüme!!

von Tiffi am 18.04.2010 18:46
War schon soooo oft auf eurer Seite und fand die schon immer toll, aber noch NIE hab ich vorher entdeckt, das ihr ja auch Themes habt und dort Wiesn-Outfits!!!
Danke Danke Danke!
Es ist so schwer, schöne Dirndl und Lederhos'n für die Sims zu finden und ihr habt wirklich tolle Sachen gemacht! Respekt! Hab mir sofort alles runtergeladen

Jetzt sind meine bayrischen Sims endlich Standesgemäß angezogen

Grüße aus München
'Tiffi' Nadine

von Daniela Bach aus Germany am 10.04.2010 15:41
Hi, deine Seite ist supper. Besonders gefallen mir die downloads von historical Costumes. Vielleicht könntest du Costumes von The other boleyn Girl oder The Tudors erstellen.
Mach weiter so

von Vicky aus MA am 24.02.2010 22:45
Schöne Homepage!
deine Downloads sind genial

liebe grüße Vicky

von ehama69marduk is am 21.02.2010 20:04
Wonderfull site I love the historical and midieval best....

von hotaru87 aus Werdohl am 02.02.2010 20:11

tolle Homepage hast du hier deine Downloads sind klasse, mach weiter so.

Gruß, hotaru87

von Anonym am 18.01.2010 18:12
Thanks for the wedding gowns. They look amazing

von Anonym am 02.01.2010 20:16
Love all the new LOTR stuff. Good job

von Katrina am 31.12.2009 19:43
Hello Lumien and Tinúviel!
I simply had to drop you a line to say a big THANK YOU for your new Lotr skins...
They are all amazing, top quality, as all yours are.
Thanks again and again and happy new year!

von Mona am 18.11.2009 01:52
Die Kleider die es hier gibt sind wirklich toll! Nur eine Frage- ich habe leider nur die Sims 3- gibt es irgend eine möglichkeit das Ihr auch für die Sims 3 sachen machen könntet? Weil die Kleider sind wirklich schön- die Idee die Kleider von dem Film 3 Nüsse für Aschenbrödel zu machen war wirklich gut!

von swedish am 09.09.2009 19:49
finally i've found a site with good taste thank you !

von Suoviitta am 15.08.2009 10:46
Where did you get this cool hair here ? &gt;

von Suoviitta am 08.08.2009 14:09
I love your site! Your downloads are so high quality and great. I've found lots of stuff to download from here.

By the way, I noticed that on the Genetics, Accessoires and Make-Up section, on page three, the two last downloads don't work. I tried to download them but it threw me in a not found page.

von Anonym am 05.08.2009 06:52
I really like the clothes you make: the LOTR and theme clothing are great. Hope to see more

von now_i_am_here am 14.05.2009 09:02
I like the thinks you make, especially medieval ones!!Continue this way!!!Hope to see more from you!=)

von Kamille am 05.03.2009 19:44
I love your site, the designs are fantastic! But could you re-upload the Victorian goth design on, that one that's on the 3rd row? If you could that would be great! =)

von J am 17.02.2009 14:57
Your stuff is gorgeous! I don't know of any other site with what I was looking for, thanks!!

von RockinRobin am 26.01.2009 01:49
Everything you've created is so beautiful!! I LOVE all of the medieval clothing!! And the Narnia creations are perfect!! Keep doing all that you do!!

But I must hint that a Prince Caspian collection would indeed be lovely!!

von MissFantasy aus Hessen am 19.12.2008 13:12
Huhu ihr Beiden,
möchte euch auf diesem Wege einmal Danke sagen für all die tollen Downloads die ihr uns gemacht habt und bestimmt noch machen werdet.
Wünsche euch eine wundervolle Adventszeit!

*knuddels* MissFantasy

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