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by Eleonora (Nora) from Skaistkalne, Latvia on 03/07/2010 08:46
Hello from Skaistkalne, Latvia!
Soom its gona be a year since you visited us!Best greetings from all of us in this anniversary! Soon your journey is coming to the end and we are waiting to welcome you again!
Eleonora and family

by Gideon Scheepers from Perlemoenbaai, South Africa on 01/19/2010 22:21
Hallo Ruan & Tina - julle is voorwaar vir ons `n inspirasie - nie net in terme van die skaal van dit wat julle aangepak het nie maar ook die doel waarvoor julle dit doen!!!
Sterkte deur al die swaar tye en ons hou dam vas dat Tina se klierkoors vinnig iets van die verlede is!
Baie groete en voorspoed
Gideon & Mariaan Scheepers

by Stevie (ex Pickwicks,Basel) from Alexandria,Egypt on 01/10/2010 22:10
I'm so so so so sorry to have heard the bad news.You guys are just amazing and have courage and guts to conquer anything.I can't imagine how you're both coping, but just remember that what you've achived till now is totally AMAZING.You guys are someting special and never forget that.The next part of your trip will begin shortly,inshallah.
Love to you both.

by nico the clumbsy fellow on 01/07/2010 17:32
Man scheitert nicht; man sammelt Erfahrungen. Viel Energie und Liebe fürs Überwinden der anstehenden Hürden. cu in baden

by razvan from romania on 12/30/2009 18:11

by Zaak Fourie from Pretoria - South Africa on 12/15/2009 14:07
Hi Julle

Hoop julle het 'n Geseende Kerstyd.



by Hans Niesink on 12/15/2009 00:48
Hallo walkers
Als jullie weer starten breng ik jullie gratis van zwitserland naar roemenie en dat meen ik echt GRoeten Hans Holland

by Chrsitoph Mandl from Österreich on 12/14/2009 23:14

Das sind wirklich schlechte Nachrichten die ich gerade gelesen habe. Auf diesem Weg wünsche ich dir Tina alles gute und schau das du zu Kräften kommst und wieder Gesund wirst. Ich bin sicher das ihr auch das schafft.
Es ist schade wenn man so großes leistet und dann brutal bestraft wird.
Ich wünsche euch alles gute und viel glück
Chris from Austria

by Manuel Bringold from Thalheim on 12/10/2009 08:01
viu glück u aus aus aus geuti bim kampf.....
schicke dr tina viu chraft u zünde es cherzli a.

Love and Peace manu

by Francois from Cape Town, South Africa on 12/09/2009 07:04
Hey Boet en Sus
Jammer dis so stil van my kant af, maar gaan maar mallerig hier werksgewys.Ek kry gereeld updates van die oues oor julle dinge en wil net se ek hoop Tina se gesondheid kom gou reg dat julle die droom kan voltooi! Gaan julle moerse mis oor die kerstyd, maar sal maar saam met die res van die fam damily 'n glasie klink op julle.Sterkte en sien julle hopelik binnekort!
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by Isabelle from Dättwil on 12/08/2009 22:24
Hey Ihr zwei grossartigen Walkers

Wir wünschen Euch beiden von ganzem Herzen alles Liebe & erdenkbar Gute für die bevorstehende Zeit. Auf das Tina sich schon bald an besserer Gesundheit erfreuen darf und Ihr beide zu neuen Kräften kommt.

Wir glauben an Euch & Euren Traum...

In Gedanken,
Ramin & Isabelle

by Salome Häberling from Switzerland on 12/08/2009 16:42
Dear Tina

Wünsche ich eine schnelle und möglichst schmerzfreie Genesung.
Chapeau auch dafür, dass ihr eure Träume nicht aufgebt.
Für den Rest der Expedition wünsche ich euch allen gute Gesundheit und viel Power.....

eure Salome

by Lang Caroline from Schweiz on 12/08/2009 16:03
Meine Lieben, ich wünsche euch viel Chraft i dere Zyt. Hebet euch sorg und falls ihr en Unterstützig bruched gänd bscheid. Dänk au euch. Liebs Grüessli Caroline

by Dave Staude from Finland on 11/09/2009 08:08
Hi you two,
Managed to catch up on the events, sights and story-board of your trip. We sorry to hear about Tina boeta. We wish her strength and wellness over this difficult period and have no doubt you both will continue your trip in no time. The photos are fantastic as always. Thank you for your updates and newsletters-always a lekker read!
Take care and loads of regards.
Dave and Henna

by Berni from Hungary on 11/08/2009 12:17
Hi there, I just read about Tina's condition; I hope all the best for You!! Good (or better?) luck for You with the completing of your journey in the forthcoming months.

Berni from Szeghalom

ps: Fantastic photos by the way

by Specht from Baden, Switzerland on 11/08/2009 11:49
Hi Walkers,

Wir wünschen Tina an dieser Stelle gute Besserung und wünschen euch alles Gute weiterhin auf eurem Endspurt. Take care

Chantal, Tino und Specht

by razvan from Romania on 11/02/2009 21:17
Friend for life.keep walking

by Raduca cosmin from rm Valcea Romania on 10/31/2009 18:03
I wish u goodluck and a good weather wherever u are going!

by Lembit from Tallinn, Estonia on 10/22/2009 13:52
I found out about you when browsing video clips about Estonia on YouTube and I'm simply amazed by your determination and strength. It is a huge undertaking to walk such a distance and you're literally going through fire and water to reach the goal. Thanks to you I'm now aware of the CHARGE syndrome and will try to spread the message. Best of luck in your endeavours.

by Hans Niesink from Gaanderen Holland on 10/13/2009 23:16
Hallo Ruan en tina en de honden
Ik heb jullie ontmoet in Anina-Steierdorf 6 oktober wij hebben een project op de school bij jufr,Maria ik hoop dat het weer wat beter gaat met Tina ik wens jullie veel sukses en ik blijf jullie volgen
Gr.Hans Niesink

by Chrsitoph Mandl on 10/05/2009 20:41
Hallo ihr Vier!

Ich hoffe ihr seit gut unterwegs und habt Resita schon längst hinter euch. Ich war gestern in Baia Herculane und bin mir nicht mehr sicher ob ihr da auch hin wollt. Ihr könnt euch dort sicher gut entspannen. Es ist natürlich und rumänisch!!! Für Fragen erreicht ihr mich
alles gute und keep on walking!

by Loredan from Timisoara-Romania on 09/28/2009 21:14
p.s. i'm the guy that u two meet on alios (near timisoara)on the front of the mini market where u stoped for little shops
if u guys (i mean you two + the two sweets) need a worm bath and a nice meal my door is opened for you.
as i told i live in timisoara so...
best wishes

by Kurt Leyten on 09/28/2009 20:41
Hello Ruan, Tina, Akela and Gulliver,
I've met you last week in Arad on a terras togheter with my Romania collegue from Arad. I'm the boy from Belgium, and we have spoken a little bit in the South Africa and Dutch language, remember? I've spoken about your expedition with my collegues and with my wife. It's is realy incredable what you are doing. You have all our support! Good luck and we will follow you by the internet.

by Loredan from Timisoara-Romania on 09/28/2009 12:34
great idea great team
good luck
may God be with u untill the end of your route.
i met this tea while they were going to my hometown Timisoara.
Thank you guys for teaching us, ordinary people, what passion, dedication and power (soul and mind) means.

by Loredan from Timisoara-Romania on 09/28/2009 12:28
Hello beautiful team. I met this team while there were going to Timisoara.
They are really beautiful the dogs really sweats, the idea great.
Thank you for learning us, ordinary people, what dedication, soul and power means.

by Scott Peters from Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom on 09/27/2009 21:48
Well Done both. Our son has CHARGE Syndrome, he is 1 year old. You truly are an inspiration. When James is old enough to comprehend, I will make sure he learns of the selfless and amazing expedition you have completed! WELL DONE and GOOD LUCK!!!

by Victor from Arad, Romania on 09/21/2009 08:53
I was driving yesterday from Gyula (Hungary) to Arad (Romania) and I passed the team immediately after entering in Romania.

So welcome in Romania, have a nice walk in our beautiful country and good luck in your expedition.

by Gwerder Anrai from CH on 09/17/2009 10:41
liebi götti
bi üs rägnets und es wird chalt und es hät scho goldigi blättli im wald. han en schnägg baschtlet und dörf de hüt im wald go sueche. er isch ganz farbig und schön.

han dich gern und vermisse dich
vom anrai

by Ma?gorzata Ksi??ek from Towarzystwo Pomocy G?uchoniewidomym,POLSKA on 09/13/2009 03:41
Greetings and big hag from Poland, from Towarzystwo Pomocy G?uchoniewidomym (assiciation supporting deafblind persons)!!!And personally from me !!! We appreciate so much Your effort to create awareness of CHARGE syndrom among peoples who very often didn't hear about the deafblindness before ... But even for us, an aasociation who works for deafblind Your visit in Poland - Warsaw and Krakow - was (and still is and for sure it will be for the future)very powerfull!!! In behalf of all Your friends from Poland, and me personally: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for EVERYTHING YOU DO for people -especially children - with CHARGE! Ma?gosia
PS. As I told You my sons was so inspiered by You that they have opened a blog:

by Aron Csorba from Debrecen, Hungary on 09/10/2009 11:40
Dear Tina, Ruan, Akela and Gulliver!
We’ve just said goodbye to you in Debrecen. It was an amazing adventure to meet you, to see what you’re doing. I’m sorry we couldn’t spend more time together, there’s a lot to learn from you. I wish you good health and good weather, and I’ll pray for the whole Walker-team.
And don’t forget, when you come back here, my invitation still holds good...

by Mirje from Estonia on 09/01/2009 09:19
Hey Tina & Ruan, I just read an article about you from Estonian magazine called EESTI NAINE (Estonian Woman), which made to find your website. Your expedition is really incredible, hope you will have the strength to keep up till Greece !

by "Mr Sandels" from Ivalo Finland on 08/17/2009 21:41
It´s about 1,5 years now when me and my son had You whit us for a few days. I think of You quite often... Hope You got the strenght You need on your expedition. Always remember those three rules of life You told me.

by Blanka Babik from 3434 Mályi Lehel street 24. on 08/14/2009 12:54
Dear Tina and Ruan!

Nice to meet you in Mályi, near city of Miskolc...
If you remember me, my mother give to you Ruan her mobile-phone, and we speak a little.
Unfortunately we didn't meet face to face...
Bless you!
Blanka from Hungary

by tomujj from Miskolc on 08/14/2009 11:46
Memory from Miskolc:


by Susanne Smans from Breda Holland on 08/14/2009 10:44
While linking from chargesite to chargesite reading your amazing story.
We have a son with Charge, and support all over the world is heartwarming.We wish you all the love and endurance to make this project happen.
In name of our son Ferry jr.
Susanne Ferry sr. Genevieve

by lightpoint on 08/10/2009 19:52
I saw the goal of the journey, the struggle, the victory. My soul is going Together with you, bless to you.
From Hugary..

by Greg from Nowy Sacz on 07/17/2009 08:53

Great idea, all the best and good luck.

and, like I said Kinga and Chopin's page on the journey took six years.

by Szymon from Kraków on 07/08/2009 19:23
Well impressive guys! Read about you in the local newspaper (if you wish, I could scan it for you and send the article ) Hope you enjoyed your visit in Kraków. Keep on realizing your mission and dreams! Take care.

by Wiktor from Krakow, Poland on 07/06/2009 02:29
Good luck with your trip and all the best!

by bozena from belfast on 07/04/2009 21:43
Hi,so You were in Krakow on time!Great!I hope You survived that awful hit and thunderstorms somehow.All the best!

by Piotr from Poland on 06/15/2009 11:08
I've seen you in Warsaw in a campsite. I hope everything is OK. Keep on going'
Good luck!

by Marika from Switzerland on 06/09/2009 10:34
Hi there!

Just wanted to let a footprint here and thank you for the great time we had in Warsaw :-)

It did so good to see you all!

I wish you all the best and hope to see you also in Greece (if not earlier)!



by Leonie from Brussels, Belgium on 05/28/2009 18:24
Hello there, intrepid travellers!

I am very much impressed with your determination and stamina to walk such a width of Europe - not exactly the most straight forward route and not through the best known or most evident countries. The cause is a great one. Although I never heard of this syndrome, it is the more admirable that you put so much of your time and energy in it (with the support from back home, of course). I heard about it through a friend from Belgium you met recently in Poland. It's a small world, isn't it?
I'll follow your route closely, admiring your pictures and videos - a wonderful way to share your view of that part of the world.
All the best to the three of you! Up to June 6 for now...

by Henri Vertessen from Hoeselt (Vlaanderen) België on 05/22/2009 17:39
Hello Tina, Ruan en Akela,
it was a suprise to meet you in Dolistow (Goniatz) Polen last week. Your wesite is amazing and the foto's are beautiful. Ilook out to your nex newsletter and de fotobook's from your expedition.
Enjoy the walk and good luck familie ' de Flamingh'. The 'Flamingh' from België Henri

by Michy & Shane on 05/14/2009 15:01
Hey guys not sure if we can make it for the new date Were moving at the end of the month (to Baden) and not sure if we are finished by then. You know how long it takes to get everything ready... So we try to make it but it doesnt look to good unfortunately. Will try to ring you later.

Kiss Michy & Shane

by Vilma from Kaunas on 04/30/2009 21:03

howzit? I hope you are fine. I wish you success to your final destination. Enjoy what are you doing and good luck.

Women who assist you to get funny pictures of the "chicken car" in Kapciamiestis

by Vilma on 04/27/2009 13:36
Good luck from Varėna

by Aidas from Varena, Lithuania on 04/21/2009 20:44

Your tour is of great significance.

I'm reading about you now (in the local newspaper of Varena )

by Tomas from Bernardinu B&B House on 04/11/2009 13:50
Good luck in your trip for all three of you!

by Regard & Donne from Switzerland on 03/29/2009 18:55
Hi Ruan & Tina!

Sterkte met die gelopery, dink aan julle!
Die fotos is stunning!

Groete, Donne & Regard

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