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by Neil Carpenter, Reading UK from UK on 05/16/2018 21:32
Hey Steven!

I’d love to meet you at a UK convention.

Do you have any scheduled?

I’m a huge fan of your work in Thirteen Days, The West Wing and Star Trek

by Ed Vance on 10/27/2017 07:41
Excellent to see you in The Orville! You were the perfect casting choice for that role.

BTW, you were robbed on Enterprise! Your Enterprise character's death scene should have been followed by an operating room scene with Brent Spiner as Dr. Soong (already in Enterprise) to "repair" your character. Dr. Soong would reveal that your team are very, very, difficult to kill, due to Dr. Soong's genetic manipulation - an early version of "super soldiers" like Khan. It would have all tied together nicely with Star Trek canon and your character could keep coming back to help, and spook, Captain Archer.

Live Long And Prosper!

by Christopher Korman from Las Vegas on 10/21/2017 08:06
Dear Mr.Culp my father was the late Harvey Korman and my brother in law is Cotter Smith.One of my dads favorite roles was yours on WW as Haffley.I was wondering do you have a movie/cause/event that is dear to you.Ed Robertson is a radio personalty/author/pop culture historian who can do half or hour segment from where ever Mr.Culp wants to do a segment.

by Brianna Dailey from None on 02/08/2017 02:56
Mr. Culp is very funny also he is a great actor, in the movie called jason goes to hell: the final Friday he role as robert Campbell is good for me but not that horror but when he act in the movie in the 1993 his face is still exact the same when he got older but he is really fun also his voice from singing are awesome
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by Timothy Clay Kulp from Charleston, SC on 04/27/2016 23:51
My father, Francis Clay Kulp is from Madison Heights, VA. After his father's death in 1929, he and siblings entered the Masonic Orphanage In Richmond.

I ran into your page when surfing the net.
Regards, Tim

by Sakura Orion OGrady-Elliott from Quincy Massachusetts on 06/30/2015 23:25
Hello Mr Culp, I absolutely love you!I love your voice, I think it's cute, just like you are! I hope someday I am lucky enough to meet you in person. Would really love a hug! I wish you the best in everything you do! -Sakura (not sure if my last message went through)

by Judy L Eddingfield on 02/27/2015 23:16
Hi Steven, I just really enjoy you playing Clayton Webb.I'm sure glad the Insp channel carries JAG!!!

by Gail on 10/24/2014 04:52
Mr. Culp - thank you for answering our questions. I just think you are really special....

by sia on 10/03/2014 21:25
i came to knw abt mr culp wen i saw 13 days.......and knw his fan....

by joan bryant from aurora co on 09/12/2014 13:04
Loved the Rush and Lottery episodes. As always, Mr. Culp is so very dedicated and skilled at making every movement, expression, voice inflection - everything about his character - become real. Thank you, Mr. Culp for wonderful performances which make any show you are in - better. I would not have watched either of these shows if Mr. Culp were not in them.

by Renee from Florida from Defuniak Springs, FL on 08/11/2014 03:10
I got to know Mr Culp while watching JAG. I used to work at the Navy Yard in DC, was aNavy brat and enjoyed the navy life on the show. But I didn't become a true fan till Mr Culp arrived. His complex character interpretation and style of acting is reminiscent of Gregory Peck and others of that genre. He will be acting for a very long time if he continues to shape his craft as he has in the past. As a child who grew up in the DC area during the 60's I was especially moved by his capture of not only the language of Bobby Kennedy but also the mannerisms of this truly great man, thank you for that!

by joan e bryant from Aurora Co on 05/19/2014 20:59
Just discovered Steven Culp in Jag. Never watched until now doing online. Thought David James Elliott was the cat's meow until I really starting watching Steven. No one is better than Steven. The intensity in which he portrays Webb but yet as he grew the role - the care and friendship that he developed that character into with the other cast was outstanding. The absolute best love scenes with Mac - much better than any with Harm. He showed a gentleness - intensity - but also a realness - not stiff and awkward like scenes with Harm. So thank yo Mr. Culp for being a fine actor. Also your personal life seems to be solid and in your business that is rare - so I believe you to be an honorable caring man. Hoep to keep following your career - Best regards to you and your family. Joan

by Anne Coan from USA on 02/24/2014 19:53
Steven Culp is an excellent actor. He works very hard to perfect each role, no matter what size. He was outstanding as Robert Kennedy in Thirteen Days and is excellent in all of his roles.

One of my favorites is Clayton Webb. He had an opportunity to shape the role over several years, and that was great to follow.

I had an opportunity to see him in person once on the stage in a reading of "The Velvet Sky." He spoke to several of us after the performance, when he learned we were fans. It was so gracious and kind of him to take the time to do that.

Thanks to Anja for all of her diligent hard work hosting this website so we can stay informed of Steven Culp's upcoming and past roles!

by Janet Gershen-Siegel from Boston, MA on 02/22/2014 19:57
Thank you for putting together this wonderful site!

PS Hi to Mr. Culp if you are reading.

(Total 14 entries)
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