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by Pete. from UK on 06/06/2019 22:45
brilliant. I'm going to love working on these. thank you.

by Roy from Massachusetts on 03/07/2019 23:02
These are awesome tabs! Thanks so much. One thing I would love is “if I should fall from grace with god”

I can’t figure the damn roll out. Please if you could.

by Lady M from Germany on 12/25/2017 18:58
If there is ever a movie (biopic) about The Pogues, I really hope that Shane will be portrayed by Jamie Bell (he absolutely looks like Shane MacGowan - except his teeth)! BTW: Jamie Bell is the guy who played in "Billy Elliot" and in the TV series "Turn - Washington's Spies)
A movie about The Pogues would be so great, I hope that some day it will be realized.

by Joao Correia from Portugal on 08/11/2017 11:14
Great Job. Thank's for the tabs

by Perico from Uk on 06/01/2017 13:52
Absolutely wonderful. You have helped so much. Well done my friend and long may you play.


by Max from Canada/USA on 01/12/2017 04:54
This site is so helpful! And has some of my favorite Dubliners songs too. It's tricky to find tabs anywhere else. Thanks so much, and keep it up!

by eric on 05/05/2016 12:38
Excellent work, thanks !

by Missy from Dresden, Germany on 12/11/2015 01:28
This site was great. I am new to the banjo and a lot of these songs seem easier than the route I was going before. The videos are also very helpful. Thanks!
Gerne. Ich bin ja auch Beginner und versuche dadurch etwas zu lernen. Freut mich, wenn ich damit anderen dabei helfen kann.

by redToad on 12/01/2015 20:55
Great site helped me get going playing banjo for some pogues songs

by Danny from Deutschland on 10/31/2015 13:26
Tabs sind doch ganz gut :-)

by Danny from Deutschland on 10/31/2015 13:25
Sind doch gar nicht so schlecht

by Salvator from USA on 03/06/2015 10:38
Nice one.
Helped me a lot!


(Total 12 entries)
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