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by M Wood from Seattle, WA USA on 07/23/2019 06:11
Love love love him - and you're absolutely right, he's the only one who could play opposite Beck.
Would like to know what else he is doing and how I can see him again. Terrific actor.

by Hilko from Munich on 06/12/2019 13:01
A Beck-movie without Gunwald is not a Beck-movie.
The actor Steinar Hovland is not to be able to hold a candle to so.

by Dianna Dyson from Wilmington, Delaware on 01/07/2019 20:16
I had just started watching Beck & fell in love with him. I am so upset that you left the series. You brought such great substance to the character. When you took those great strides in that long coat it filled up the screen. I will miss you. Why did you leave??

by Marjorie Wood from Seattle, Washington, USA on 12/26/2018 21:46
Cried - when I saw Gunvald died. So sorry to see you go. Our local station just showed this episode.
Your character will be missed. Wish I lived in Sweden or even Europe so I could see more of whatever you are doing now. I did see that you are doing something called Medicine Man and I hope that I will be able to get that. You're a very exciting actor and extremely good.

by Stefan from Kreta on 09/14/2018 17:42
Har just hört klart din bok!!!
Fan va bra
Lycka till

by Charlotta Samuelsson from By Kyrkby on 09/13/2018 21:47
Har just läst klart din biografi och känner igen mig så mycket i vissa delar men inte i alla. Har själv fått diagnosen bipolär i vuxen ålder och inser nu att mina missbruk hänger ihop med det. Från och med idag kommer jag att ha koll på alla mina destruktiva beteenden Tack vare de erfarenheter du så öppet delat med dig av.
Har även följt Sanna med tanke på det medberoende jag haft med min son, som tyvärr dog av en överdos 2014.
All kärlek till dig och din familj 💖

by Volker from Germany on 07/28/2018 21:59
Hej Mr. Persbrandt,
last week I saw one of your Hamilton flms. And I was very impressed of your presentation of the figure of agent Hamilton.
And I would like to say that you are my favorite swedish actor. So it will be great to see you more times in German television.

Kindly regards

by gordon farrell from ireland on 07/18/2018 18:20
Hi Mr. Persbrandt.
Wonderful performances. Great to watch you at work.

by MoMa from Mclean, VA (USA) on 06/06/2017 21:12
I watched Beck as I am subscribed to MHz. Gundvald became the reason I watch Beck; Mikael portrayed the character in such a fantastic way, I loved his dry/dark humor and the passion he displayed for his work. I was disappointed he got killed (they could have fired him or put him on disability in case there was a chance of bringing him back to the show in the future). I was not familiar at all with Mikael. He's so attractive! Definitely I became a big fan! Thank you Mikael!

by Herbert & Birgit from germmany on 10/30/2016 22:50
whats a pity the main actor of Kommisar Beck dies! We couldn't understand and so the new Beck movies are only a torso whitout Gunwald, this famous police officer.
Mikael, we wish You all the best for Your future and thank You so much for a lot of best work in Kommisar Beck.
Best regards!

by anita hatfield from germany on 10/23/2016 21:53
no kommissar beck without gunwald... that really SUCKS. so I can only wait for wallander-movies coming around. how in the world can the main attraction of kommissar beck die???

by Mandy faughnan on 09/19/2016 00:14
Watched Beck.not the same without you in it.well no ones going to be able to fill your shoes are they?really miss you from my TV screen Sat nights.anyway still trying to get my fill of you by catching up with the rest of your TV/film work.hope to see you back on our screen soon.you're amazing Mikael.x

by Mandy faughnan from Manchester england UK on 09/15/2016 02:01
Any chance of getting some fan details so I can get Mikaels autograph please.absolute legend.will really miss him from my screen on a Saturday night.total legend.amazing.such star quality.also great to look at.love Mandy x

by Mandy faughnan from Manchester england UK on 09/15/2016 01:50
Think your amazing Mikael.so sad your no longer in Beck.best thing on TV.the last 3weeks storylines have been based around your character.your the star of the show.the other actors are great in it,but your amazing.such a legend.starting looking into the other work you've done.make sure you let your fans know when your in the UK next,be wonderful to meet you.good luck with all you do in the future.take care.Mandy.x

by Jan from Good Luck on 09/14/2016 23:13
Very sad that Gunvald is no longer. Have really enjoyed watching Beck here in the UK over the last couple of years. I had hoped that when Beck retired you would have your own series..... Gunvald or Larsson.... Good luck for your future.

by Ash Rose from UK on 09/12/2016 17:27
Mikael- you are one the greatest actors in the world. Was very sad and disappointed when Gunvard Larsson left Beck in the most tragic way. Gunvard is irreplaceable.

I am looking forward to your upcoming movies, and I am sure that you will win numerous number of awards for your outstanding performances.

Best Wishes to you and your family.

by Amanda from U.K. on 09/04/2016 10:10
I just watched your performance in Gunwald,in the Beck series currently showing here in the uk at the moment. It was so well acted and left me in tears. Two days ago I watched Everlasting Moments, and realised it was you. Having only been watching Beck these past few weeks I just wanted to congratulate you on your acting ability, you are a true actor. I must also comment on Swedish dramas, I am totally addicted.

by Christine from Washington State, USA on 07/18/2016 04:03
I just started watching the Beck movies on MHZ channel on Cable. I really enjoy your performances. I hope someday you can do a feature film with Clint Eastwood.

by Karen from NY USA on 07/11/2016 23:11
You are such an amazing actor of incredible range, depth and nuances, just superb.Thank you for each and every role. Your portrayals are powerful and haunting- magnificent.

by Holger Buhmann from Flensburg on 06/30/2016 00:47
Ich mag den Schauspieler sehr gerne sehen, z.B. in der Serie Kommissar Beck. Gerade die schwedischen Krimis finde ich oftmals besser, als die deutschen. Verwunderlich ist der Beitrag von Gisela Schümann, in eigener Sache. Schade dann......

by Lena from Stockholm on 06/13/2016 16:26
Hej Mikael,

En chansning på att du svarar. Jag är oerhört nyfiken på dina målningar och vill gärna besöka Sandgrund. Min förhoppning är att åka med min syster, som har lovat att följa med om du är där. Om det finns en planering för dina kommande veckor, som inkluderar närvaro i Sandgrund vore jag mycket tacksam för svar.

Det vore också intressant att se om vi kan känna igen oss i skildringarna av naturen i Järfälla, då vi växte upp i Viksjö och hade föräldrar som ständigt var ute med oss. Samma krogmiljö har vi troligtvis inte upplevt. Men det är alltid kul att se något nytt!

Tack på förhand!

by Pamela mitton from Cumbria great britain on 01/08/2016 23:51
What a beautiful man you are and you get more handsome the older you get.please do more beck as I love it and you.

by deyliah from germany on 12/21/2015 23:02
Dear Mikael,
wish you and your family a very nice Christmas. Much love, peace, happiness and a quiet relaxing time for, love you!

by Manuela Dörnhoff from I am the greatest fan on 11/09/2015 00:46
Hello Mika,
I love all the Beck's with you. You are a great actor and your eyes are Incredible. Kiss from germany

by Rita from Schweiz on 11/05/2015 10:30
I am a big fan of yours. I watch every episode of Beck.Greetings from Switzerland

by Judith Konrad from ILLINOIS, USA on 10/11/2015 00:45
Mikael should be the new 007! He would be great.
Love him in all the Beck movies.

by cathrene abidaon on 09/14/2015 00:05
They say in life that everyone has a double. Yours is Stephen Edwards born 5th January 1962 in Liverpool England and is 6ft 2 inches. It is a surreal experience to see the same facial and body expressions.

by Jeaneth from Sweden on 07/21/2015 01:27
Hej jag tycker verkligen om dig träffade på dig i Fisksätra macken och blev as glad fick din autograf och allt. Jag vart så jävla glad. Tycker om dig jätte mycket önskar dig ett bra och underbart liv. Love jeaneth

by Natalie on 02/07/2015 13:47
Hi Mikael
Wanna meet u, if u visit Brussels..

by Soili from Finland on 01/23/2015 05:01
Are you going to Hollywood? No,we need you here in Europe. We love you, kisses for you !!!

by Katja Dornberger from Oldenburg/Germany on 01/16/2015 01:23
Hy, Mikael! A dream came true! I just had the lick to see you with Mads in "The Salvation" in Danish/English-Original. You could have talked in chinese! No matter. Your Voice is something I could simply die for! - Well, better not. I'm still looking forward to the new "Beck"! - Please; don't go Hollywood! It would be such a loss for us here in Europe! Great Actor. One of my all time fav's! THX and best wishes from Germany! Bye - Katja

by Lena from Russia on 10/16/2014 19:48
Привет! В восторге от Вашего таланта. Лет тридцать на меня никто не производил такого впечатления. Спасибо!

by bernd from germany on 10/09/2014 12:16
all the best for jou.Happy Birthday Mikael

by Dorothea Herzig from Germany on 09/27/2014 19:40
Dear Mikael,
best wishes for you to your birthday!
Much happiness, health, love and peace in your new year of one's life!
Send by Deyliah.

by Sidda from Tysk on 09/25/2014 08:47
All the best for you - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


by Soili from Finland on 09/25/2014 02:37
Happy birthday, Mikael !!!!!

by anna from tyskland on 09/24/2014 20:04
happy birthday mikael!!!!!!!

by Soili on 09/17/2014 01:08
You are very handsome and good actor.
Greetings from Finland, kisses for you!!!

by alsbeta from tyskland on 09/13/2014 22:46
mikael is very calm man and the best actorin world.
i love him,gg

by iolö.k from inget ahning on 07/01/2014 17:49
hej du,
hur mor du?

by veronica from norra stockholm sverige on 05/24/2014 15:04
igår såg jag en sång från hjärtat så gripande film och en otrolig sång prestation micke väldigt imponerande precis som mig äger ingen helt underbart spelat av dig så träffsäker och välgjord behöver jag säga att du är Sveriges absolut bästa skådespelare och garanterat Sveriges snyggaste man som bara blivit finare med åren
får du nån gång lust att säga hej vilket jag inte tror men hoppas på så hittar du mig på twitter valenzia79 instagram mulatten28 eller soderbergv8@gmail.com

kramar <3

by Claudia from south west Germany on 05/21/2014 23:11
Hallo Mikael,

I like you very much as the best actor I know from sweden, especially swedish crimi. This is the category that is mostly played in Germany from your country. And you're also a balance in zodiac sign like me. And you are the most good looking man I know in TV.

I love you,

greetings from South west of Germany

by Finn lykkegaard from Slagelse, Danmark on 04/30/2014 21:37
Hej Mikael. Jeg er stor fan af Gunvald Larsson, men din rolle i "One you loves" (En du elsker) er bare så super flot - og du synger som en skandinavisk Lennart Cohen. Tak.

by Sidda from Germany on 04/17/2014 16:12
First: the "boy" is bipolar. A very serious illness! Many of these patients have drug problems-enabled drugs (medicine-and this are also drugs) and others use alcohol and illicit substances.You should know that. But that does not seem to care about you. For you is a prosecutor who explained which a part of the statements of truth and refers to a part of the statements as lies, without exact reason for this distinction, the messiah. In how many countries rich calls for condemnation-without exact tangible evidence of such a conviction? To this dispensation of justice you can be truly proud. The real criminals are the manufacture and sell the substance, not the addict!
An addict so to shower with insults, as happened at the time in Sweden, is a shame. It is outrageous how many people Mikael condemn and insult, without knowing him personally. Bipolarity and addiction make Mikael not a bad person, and even less to a bad actor.
Sorry for my bad english

by carolin from sweden on 04/16/2014 11:31
Bakom denna påklistrade tuffa yta hittar vi då en liten pojk som för att svara upp tvingas knarka sig igenom livet. I vetskap att vara idol för så många, trots det ändå välja knarkets väg, otroligt.
Jag kan tyvärr bara känna sådan förakt för vad Persbrandt står för, att han säkert skickat en hel del av sina fans in i knarkhelvetet. Jag känner bara ett sånt obehag.

by Ursula from Hungary on 03/28/2014 22:57
Hej Mikael!Jag ber för dig.Bara om du visste...
Har sett nästan alla dina filmer, skulle gärna vilja berätta vad jag tyckte(både och) men du är rätt upptagen.
Med respekt,

by Kristina Labart from Kontoret, Sikfors 34, Hällefors on 03/26/2014 22:27

Jag läste att du tänker bli vegetarian. Jag älskar dig för det!!

by Johanna from Stockholm on 03/20/2014 21:54
Hej! Jag såg Mig Äger Ingen Idag och det är den första film som fått mina känslor att hamna rätt. Den var fantastiskt och jag bröt ihop ordentligt. Nu har jag talat om för min pappa att jag tycker om honom för första gången på 42 år. Tack för att du/ni gjorde den filmen. Nu går det att andas!!varma hälsningar Johanna

by Sabine from Erlangen in Germany on 02/21/2014 23:34

Hello Mikael,
I am a very big fan of you and I always look forward to your films on German television.
Best Wishes sends you Sabine.

by Stephan Romero from Norderstedt / Deutschland on 02/06/2014 21:20
Hey Mikael,

auch finde Ihre Filme sehr gut und bin ein sehr großer Fan von Ihnen als Schauspieler.Es wäre sehr schön, wenn Sie weitere Filme zu dieser Serie drehen würden.

Viele Grüße aus Norddeutschland,

Stephan Romero 867

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