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Welcome at of ZORRO's Dynasty Chows! Please, step in and vist the oZD Chowtel and feel home ;-). Let us know what you liked during your vistit! We appreciate You comments!

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by Christina Harrison on 07/08/2010 08:56
There's nothing I find as comforting as getting a dog that can help me live an independent life.

by Linda Callow from Roanoke, VA on 12/02/2009 03:31
I received my black male chow (Echo) from Eve and Ted Shelton about 7 years ago. Echo has been wonderful! I love him dearly. We first took him home 7 yrs ago to Northern VA where we lived--and now all these yrs later-we have re-located in SW, Virginia. I highly recommend Eve and Ted! I would love to visit Dynasty Chows again someday--and see all the beautiful chows.

by Netha Tompkins from 6126 Christian Way, Orlando, Fl 32808 on 10/23/2009 18:52
We recently had to put our beloved Teddy Bear to sleep. he was 15 years old and going blind and deaf and his back hips were starting to fail. We are retired and a puppy would be an inside dog with all the best care. We have a very large fenced back yard for him to play but would be an inside dog.Please advise what you might have . we are not interested in a show dog. Our income is very limited. Teddy was a red faced chow and weighed 38 lbs. We are heartsick and miss him terribly. The smartest dog we ever had. Please advise

by Pat McPherson from 200 The Glebe Blvd apt 2040 Daleville, Va 24083 on 03/07/2009 09:31
I am looking for a Service Dog for myself. I use a Hoveround chair or a Rascal scooter. I have MS, diabetes, asthma, etc, and use O2 24/7.
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by Todd & Tracy Boivin from Greenfield Ma. on 01/15/2009 04:59
We are the proud owners of a beautiful 10 year old Cream male named Dusty.
Love your page.

by trinette wells from nebraska on 08/19/2008 04:39
i am looking for a choe pup, female, red in color, rough hair, no more than 6 months old. I used to have a chow and lost her she was the best dog I have ever had and would very very much like another one If you could help me I would greatly apprecitate it

by Carla Franchi from Riner Va on 03/30/2008 01:28
I picked up my gorgeous red smooth girl in person. Was greeted by GORGEOUS European and American chows. Just beautiful. VERY HEALTHY, WELL MANNERED, WELL SOCIALIZED, beautiful loves. We spent time going over things and meeting everyone. All 7 generations were on the property and in great shape. I highly recommend Of Zorros Dynasty if you are looking for show or pet. You won't be disapointed.
Thank you for my first smooth girl EVER :-) I am honored.
Carla Franchi
Rhenegade Chows

by Katherine Burgess on 01/18/2008 19:03
Hi, I was reading your history of the breed page. I am wondering about my grandparents role in Chos. Arthur and Florence Stanton Western Reserve Kennel Clu in the 50's and 60's. I remember a breeder named Don and a Kennel with pretty adds and Star something in the name that we visited a lot. I grew up with cuddly chows and helping at my grandparents kennel in Ohio

by laraine craft from laporte, indiana on 10/30/2007 01:12
I lost my companion of 14 yrs in august. Have owned a few chows in the past and even dabbled in fun shows several years ago. Would be interested in a red shaded female. If there are any available now or in the near future pleas contact me with the particulars.
thank you

by Billie Robles from Goodyear , Az on 10/29/2007 23:14
Your dogs are beautiful ! I hope I will be able to own one soon . I have had four chows which have passed and I miss them . Looking for a cinn or red male puppy . I hope you can help me . Thank you

by Patti J Robinson on 10/11/2007 21:27
My name is Patti Robinson and I lost my last chow of 11 years about 2 mos. ago. She died, suddenly, of a heart attack and I've been quite devestated as you can imagine. I am seriously considering a new puppy around the 20th of January. My son is leaving for boot camp in a week and will be back on January 20th. He wants to get me a puppy as a belated Christmas gift. It would be a beautiful beginning to the year if he is able to locate one. I won't let him spend too much so I'm hoping you'll maybe part with a puppy for a reasonanble fee. I'd like a female and thought a cream one would be nice but color is not a deciding factor. I have owned a cinnamon, a blue and my last was a black chow. I am a 49 year old disabled woman and my last chow was a godssend. They have the perfect personality. They're independent, loyal and talk to you like they're people. They don't bark all of the time like other breeds or jump on people. I've had 3 chows over the last 30 years so am in love with the breed. The puppy would be a companion to me and my parents and son when he's here. She would live primarily in the house and only go outside with the family or when needed. She would recieve the best care and be loved a great deal. Please let me know if you might have a litter due around then, if you can ship the puppy and of course, what you charge. Thank you for your time.
Patti J Robinson

by Beverly Berg on 10/05/2007 23:26
I am looking for a cinnamin or red chow with black mug. It can be male or female. I live in Weeki Wachee Florida and have been looking for a few months now. I love your site. Its the most pictures that really make you feel like you are really there. Its so bright and clear. Do you have any puppies now?

by Scruffy from VA on 07/04/2007 19:05
Hi, I heard that you have Chow puppies. If so, I would like to learn more: how much? how soon to pick up? Show or Pet? Do you ship them? Can you email me?

by Mary F. Bexfield from 859 Bahama St. NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905 on 04/11/2007 14:29
Dear Sir/Madam:

I am interested in a white chow chow. Have you ever gotten one or know of a breeder that gets one occasionally? I currently have a black 6-year old female, who is spayed and a wonderful family pet. She was raised with kids and other animals and loves them! I would like another female, but would she be more accepting of a male puppy?

Thank you so much!

by Sonya from Ithaca, NY on 11/14/2006 20:56
Hello, My Chow died about 4 years ago and I long to own another. He was red and only 6 years old. The chows are such stunning dogs and very loving. Please let me know when the new pups arrive.

by Suzanne B. from Cape Cod, MA on 11/07/2006 03:10
I just lost one of my Chows to old age (12 1/2) -- my baby. Am interested in a red, cream or blue female puppy around next spring (pet quality, as I am not interested in showing them). Could you please contact me when you are having litters so that I may discuss the particulars with you. Thank you.

by Carl from US- east on 09/19/2006 06:19
I hear that you have red rough puppies almost ready which combine the lines from ZORRO, Haus Herth, and Nickelodeon with lines from Canton and XiShan. If so, I want one. My email is iffy, so I will call you tomorrow.

by Pamela Bonvino from Columbia, MD on 07/08/2006 17:58
Your Chows are lovely. I love Chow Chows and am interested in a red female. Do you offer chow chows of pet quality? I do not have time to show a dog. My time would be spent enjoying the dog. Thank You, Pam

by E. Lee Roane from 1109 Edgewood Ave Burlington NC 27215-3638 on 05/18/2006 17:29
Great looking dogs, Ted.

Do you have a sidecar for them (I assume you still have a motorcycle).


by Dee Trudell on 05/15/2006 22:56
We are interested in having a new Chow Chow in our home. We have an 8 year old son with CP, in a wheelchair, and would like more information on maybe getting a service dog for him.


by Anthony @ Pamela Thomas from High Point, NC on 04/27/2006 23:09

We LOVE our big little puppy. As you know, we renamed him to ZEUS. He now has his own website
please check in on him sometime. If there are any links that you think he should have on his site, please let him know. There will be some more pictures and video uploaded to the site soon.

by Simona Mirescu from Romania - Craiova on 03/01/2006 11:37
I was told that my cub born on 30.12.05 from zolotoi medved nikita and ursula belongs to Zorro's Dynasty.I bought her from R. Moldavia and I want to find out all about ancestors. Can you help me?

by p5b8qxdoris klepp from österreich on 02/24/2006 18:02
ein hallo aus österreich,
in der vereinszeitung des ökv : unsere hunde, ist einer ihrer hunde nämlich bully, ganz groß abgebildet. das ist ein chow, so wie ich ihn liebe!!!! solche exemplare gibt es aber nirgendwo mehr! das finde ich sooo traurig. ich kann mich mit den chows, so wie sie heute gezüchtet werden, überhaupt nicht anfreunden!
wo kann ich so einen chow wie ihren bully finden??? ich bin auf samojeden und eurasier umgestiegen, sollte ich aber so einen herrlichen chow finden, würde ich sofort schwach werden.

by Marlena & Michael Hook from Louisville, Kentucky on 02/10/2006 07:26
Eve and Ted, your website provides much information. The pictures are wonderful. We hope to see you soon and become loving parents to one of your precious babies.

Marlena & Michael Hook

by leslie from lynchburg, va on 01/31/2006 15:51
my husband and I have decided to add a pet to our family and have been debating on a breed we both agreed on a chow, i had two growing up and my husband wanted a dog with some size to it. I was excited to find your website and that you were close to our area so we may see the puppies, we would love to have a black chow.

by don from powhatan, va on 01/23/2006 22:57
What beautiful pups, am looking for a red chow pup or black chow pup.

by Kim Badke from orlando florida on 11/30/2005 19:50
mourning the loss of my 9 year old chow looking desparately for a puppy any suggestions?

by Linda Alvey from PO box 503 Oakland OR 97462 on 11/24/2005 21:26
I like the smooth mom dog (Alexis), but I looking for heavy boned, wrinkled bulldozer type. Please let me know when you have one. Color or male/ female doesn't matter.

Thank You
Linda Alvey

by Donna J. Starling from P.O. Box 70, Millwood, WV, 25262 on 08/29/2005 00:49
I am just beginning to look at the website. I came to it from a link on the Delta Society website. I am looking for a service dog and so far, not having any luck at all. Maybe my luck will change. Chows are beautiful, anyway, so I'll get to see some beautiful dogs, at least.

by K. Amadeo from Calabash NC on 07/23/2005 22:10
Ted & Eve, I adore your new additions. I'm sure they are as special as all OZD chows are. Felix is doing well. He keeps busy this time of year as you know. He misses you both. We will keep in touch!!

by Frank A. Merola from Bedford, Kentucky on 07/02/2005 02:13
Great site, I have Amadeo here looking too. Still debating about doggie three but will most likely be a chow. I am looking for either a cream or red. Then we'll have one merry menagerie at the Merola farm with all the doggies romping and playing. Princess loves Amadeo to pieces and chews on him every time she gets to. He often eats my morning cereal and shares my ice cream. Wonderful dogs and spoiled rotten. Just the way I like 'em.

by chuck from biloxi,ms on 06/29/2005 12:29
looking for female pup to eventually mate with my male

by Danette & Sassy Kassy on 06/24/2005 15:45
To Eve and Ted thank you for my sweet girl Sassy we are looking forward to doing therapy work as soon as Sassy is older she is such a good girl and absolutly beautiful I enjoy every day with her and all my chow children,you are always there to answer questions when I need you and I have never seen anyone love her chow chows like dear Eve !
GOD BLESS you and all your chow children,
Love you guys !!

by Harold Boyd from Richmond, VA on 04/13/2005 01:05
Looking for a smooth Chow Chow in VA area because I would like to personally view the puppy/dog before purchasing.

by Deana Helms from Greensboro, NC on 03/12/2005 17:49
I am looking to adopt a chow. Please contact me at my e-mail address.

Thank you

by Darin Moore from Dothan,Al. on 01/17/2005 06:28
Looking for Male pup

by Melissa from Nc on 01/10/2005 02:30
Mourning the loss of our 11 yr old chow Muffett. Looking for a puppy. Please advise.

by amelia good from Ann Arbor, Michigan on 12/11/2004 23:01
looking for a black smooth coat puppy - male, please advise. Thank you

by amelia good from Ann Arbor Michigan on 12/05/2004 03:56
looking for a black, preferably smooth coat male puppy, have a 2 yr old smooth female from HuChu

by mr. robert moore on 12/01/2004 01:12
interested in another chow chow

by Ursula Muthmann from Spanien on 11/25/2004 12:47
Vielen Danke für diese gute Seite. Ich werde sicherlich noch öfter hier nachlesen.

Mfg Ursula

by Angela Moore from Wilmington NC on 11/14/2004 20:00
Hello. Our beloved 17 year old chow, Max, just passed away this past July. I have not wanted another dog because of the pain caused by this one passing until I saw one of your Chows (name was Bushy) yesterday with its owner at Home Depot in Wilmington NC. He was Beautiful and was SO sweet.
I'd like to have more info on the puppies you have available.


by ROBERT & JOYCE GRIFFIN from DISPUTANTA,VA. on 11/12/2004 19:47

by MEGAN SIPES from ALEXANDRIA, VA on 10/17/2004 20:22

by Lolly Harris on 08/25/2004 09:09
Just saying HELLO from Milwaukie, Oregon U.S.A <br>

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by dave duran from phillipines on 08/20/2004 06:42
i lke your web page .Specially i lke the dog

by Gabriele from Sicily on 08/19/2004 12:19
I'm looking for a new girl smooth pup, then let me know as soon as possible!
A lot of hugs from Sicily
by Gabriele & BlueMandarinChows

by SHEILA HUNTER from 360 DUDE LANE, BULLS GAP, TN. 37711 on 08/17/2004 01:39

by verdell jones from jones on 08/15/2004 23:36
we have a chow and wanted to khnow if you wanted to breed its aboy his name is simbah for more information on that call (804)303 4561 just ask for rudolf or verdell jones or jusst ask for mac.

by Heidi Hilliard from Etowah, NC on 08/02/2004 04:02
I am looking to buy a chow chow and I am wondering when you are expecting your next liter? Thanks,

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