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Welcome! This is where YOU can make your comments to anything concerning Burnt Friedman. If you have additional informations or heard about some rumours / news: feel free to let us know! I will add news as soon as I get some - be patient!

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by A music lover on 02/25/2014 09:13
I have never seen such an amazing discography online or anywhere as this...detailed, interesting, informative and just MASSIVE! Thank you so much for putting so much work into this it's simply extraordinary!

by webmaster on 11/11/2012 14:31
Sorry for the "silence", update is in progress...
But for now a WARNING: for some reason Firefox indicates my website as "attacking website"! At the moment I try to sort out this mistake's origin. I can assure you that i do not intend to install any malware or so from my site to your PC! Maybe a server problem.
Just relaunched the complete content and checked the html-code: nothing suspicious found. Unfortunatelly I'm not a professional specialist, so you better watch out. Sorry for that!
Updates in progress: the missing last releases, some new remixes... be patient - it's worth!

by webmaster on 10/28/2011 02:29
New remix EP is out now (at least the download is already available):
Shangaan Shake: Burnt Friedman Meets Zinja Hlungwani
More on the nonplace homebase!

by webmaster on 10/08/2011 09:13
Zen'Aku is now available for download at boomkat:

by webmaster on 09/22/2011 10:05
Nonplace starts a new series of remix EPs in October, first release will be "Secret Rhythms+"!

by webmaster on 06/05/2011 18:16
Finally I managed to find a new host for the site, this time not a free webhost with commercials. This was the last move, promised!
The address is:
This should sort out some problems with the site which means more convenience for you.
Thanx for your patience!

by webmaster on 05/25/2011 13:27
Me again. The new adress for the site is:
Probably this will be changed in the future, but at least for now it works.
Sorry for all that!

by webmaster on 05/24/2011 11:54
The site is down, very sorry for this inconvenience! I'm looking for a new host, what a mess... I'll post the new address here as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

by webmaster on 04/21/2011 02:07
Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit interview in german can be HEARD or downloaded here:
(scroll down to 16. April 2011) Be fast, the link will disappear in a near future!
And: SR4 is out now, and a new Burnt Friedman EP is announced...
Site will be updated as soon as my SR4 copy arrives!

by webmaster on 02/03/2011 02:47
"Secret Rhythms 4" is on the way, release date will be April. I'll keep you updated!

by webmaster on 01/28/2011 03:56
NEWSFLASH! The 'new' Flanger album (soundtrack for "Bibliotheque Pascal") is available for download (more information on the site)! Catch it e.g. here:
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by webmaster on 01/25/2011 23:26
Sorry it took so much time, but finally it's done, with some news and lots of additions:
new and old stuff in nearly all sections, additional informations and little more convenience in the soundtracks section. All new releases plus some old and very old ones...
You might have noticed that some of the older stuff (tape-"releases") disappeared from the list. These tapes turned out to be private, absolutely non-official, unreleased in any form, in some cases unique (which means editions of 1 or 2), so it was necessary to put them out of the list. They were never thought to be published, and it is very logical that the information about these tapes shouldn't be published as well (you can imagine that there are numerous private recordings and unfinished or rejected tracks, and it wouldn't make any sense to release all these information inbetween the regular albums). Although these tapes would be "quite" interesting...
Anyway: enjoy the new entries (some REALLY exciting ones)!

by Malc on 09/24/2010 10:25
Hey Ralph, Hope you are well. Not sure if you got my last email but now I live in New Zealand. Anyway, just saw this and thought of you...

by webmaster on 05/24/2010 17:14
The Nonplace 10th Anniversary Compilation is out!
Stay tuned for new Flanger material - EP this summer and new album "soon"!

by webmaster on 12/02/2009 16:58
As promised: update just finished & uploaded! Lot's of new entries:
-Excursions & Visites
-SMC demos
-Drome demo plus Peel Session
-NUF test pressing from 97
and maybe more...

by webmaster on 11/24/2009 02:32
Hi Alex! Danke für die Zeilen! Immer willkommen!

Unbelievable but true: update is in progress, just a few days - promised!
Incredible new entries on the site: extensive release catalogue of the E&V era, very (very!) rare releases in the Drome / SMC / NUF section and all the new Nonplace output of course! Lot of work for me... be patient, next week everything's ready for you!

by alex from 56626 Andernach on 09/24/2009 14:43
hey wirklich schöne Seite. Macht weiter so, besonders der Aufbau der Seite gefählt mir. Sehr Sauber.

mfg alex

by webmaster on 01/26/2009 16:49
Though the old address is still active (until February 14th), here is the new one:


No updates made by now, but soon...

by webmaster on 01/19/2009 04:31
The site will move the next weeks, my webhost will quit services on February 15th. Just looking for a new place for the site, I'll post the new address in this news section when everything's fixed. I recommend bookmarking this guestbook which will not be concerned.
And: VERY sorry for being so lazy the last months... some tiny updates will follow on the new location (latest).

by webmaster on 10/10/2008 04:45
Little late, anyway:
Secret Rhythms 3 is out now - decoded details about tracks, versions and differences between CD and LP on the site.

As you already might have noticed: there is a download-only release called "Klang & Rhythmus" (or "Rhythmus & Klang") at Boomkat with an exclusive version of "Sandale" - don't miss!

Still "work in progress" but not forgotten: the very early days of Burnt Friedman as "Excursions Et Visites" - the whole shocking truth!

by webmaster on 07/05/2008 15:34
New EP "Unlimited Edition" will be released on July 18th! Soundsamples on the nonplace site and here:

by webmaster on 06/24/2008 04:06
Some updates:
- in the soundtracks section
- 2 promotional info sheets (Drome: Progress and Burnt Friedman: Do Not Legalize It)
- The Embassadors album
- An album by Andrew Lagowski ("Prismatic") where BF participated as "programming assistance"

Coming up next - hopefully soon: extended information about the earliest days of BF as Toxh and Excursions & Visites...

by webmaster on 05/17/2008 21:55
Thanx a lot (again), Malc!
SR3 will be released in September, June will see an EP release.
And this one is for the oldschool lunatics out there: The Drome Peel Sessions are available for download, unfortunatelly only Part 1. Part 2 is still in the vaults...
Here's the link for Part 1:
Again: thanx Malc for this valuable information! Site update will follow soon.

by Malc from Budapest on 03/13/2008 23:37
Hey Ralph, Hope you are well.
Some news: Secret Rythms 3 is released this June...


by webmaster on 01/16/2008 15:36
If you missed your chance to download (legally!) HNIA's 'Someday RMX' - EP with 2 BF remixes: it's available again here:

by webmaster on 11/21/2007 03:51
Some tiny news:
"For Films edit.12" is out now, as usual featuring Burnt Friedman.
Latest edition of the german Spex mag includes a one page concert review of BF on the Norway Punkt Festival.
If you haven't done yet: check YouTube for BF, some nice stuff there!
Didn't discover any musical differences between the vinyl and CD version of "First Night Forever" which doesn't mean there aren't any (would be the first time that both releases are identical).
Stay tuned for more!

by webmaster on 09/13/2007 12:55
The re-release of "Just Landed" (with bonus tracks!) is out now, my copy has just arrived! The best way at the moment is to order it via scape. More about it in a few hours on the site.

by webmaster on 08/15/2007 00:45
breaking news:
I found site where you can download the old videoclip "Hypnoblank" by Drome - unfortunatelly the quality is not the big deal...

by webmaster on 08/13/2007 20:09
Some news after a long break:
1. BF's own website is ready for you now: http://www.burntfriedman.com/
2. New BF album "First Night Forever" will be released in September
3. BF's "Just Landed" will be rereleased soon via scape and includes the "Do Not Legalize!" - tracks as bonus
4. iTunes has a lot of albums and some rare tracks for download (well, probably that was just new for me...)
More information as soon as "First Night Forever" is out!
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by webmaster on 04/17/2007 02:50
1. Additional information about Flanger's "Nuclear Jazz" on the site
2. A second remix / version for His Name Is Alive from 2001 came along! It's part of an online-only-compilation and can (hopefully still) be downloaded here:
It also contains the 'Nothing Special' remix from the vinyl EP. More on the site, remix section.

by webmaster on 01/31/2007 15:35
Concrete details about Flanger's "Nuclear Jazz", a re-release of "Templates" and "Midnight Sound" on the site. Release date: 30.03.07

by webmaster on 01/30/2007 12:22
Some news and updates:
1. Nine Horses' "Money For All" EP is out now. Included are 4 remixes by Burnt Friedman, an enjoyable add-on to the album! I wanted to install an extra Nine Horses section on the site but due to the intersections with the latest BF releases "Out In The Sticks" and "Secret Rhythms 2" I kept them where they are, so all Nine Horses releases are filed under "Burnt Friedman".
2. Re-releases are planned, e.g. the meanwhile unavailable "Plays Love Songs" - maybe with some unreleased material?
3. Next BF record will be a collaboration with Theo Altenberg, no release date by now.
4. Chapter 11 of the "For Films" series will be released soon including Flanger and Root 70.
5. BF will launch a new site in addition to the nonplace homebase, hopefully soon - be patient!
6. A final word to the BF participation on Senor Coconut's "Yellow Fever!" album which caused some confusion (well, mainly my own confusion...): there's no hint on the official release, track 11 is entitled as "El Coco Loco". On the promotional release the same track is called "Coconut AM (feat. Burnt Friedman & Mouse on Mars)". These 2 tracks are absolutely the same (don't forget we're talking about an 18sec piece of music).

by webmaster on 12/29/2006 01:25
Tiny Christmas news: erased some more "unknown versions" in the compilation section, nothing special to be mentioned. There's not very much musical output at the moment, some rereleases are anounced - check the nonplace site for more. And: finally you can also get some ringtones for your mobiles - check the nonplace base. For now: happy new year!

by webmaster on 08/04/2006 01:16
The longer the break, the more the news:

1. Erased some"unknowns" and "probablies" in the compilation section, but:
no further exclusive tracks found...

2. Some confusions about the BF participation on the new Senor Coconut ("Yellow Fever!"): some databases indicate track 11 as "Coconut AM (feat. Burnt Friedman)", actually track 11 is "El Coco Loco" with no hint for a BF collaboration. This is the truth as far as I found out: "Coconut AM" is the 18sec (!) introduction for "El Coco Loco", and the BF appearance is either kinda cameo (so I presume), just a joke or a mistake. Anyway: buy the record and enjoy!

3. I added some more information about BF's (a.k.a. Toxh) early appearance on some Spyra records, check the "Toxh" section for more.

4. A german promotional compilation ("MDM presents: Tunes for Cannes 2006") contains an unreleased version of "Surprise Me" plus the anouncement for a new BF EP this year which will also contain this track. Until now there is no anouncement on the nonplace site, so this is pretty unconfirmed.

5. The promotional releases of Root 70's "Heaps Dub" and Nine Horses' "Snow Borne Sorrow" do not include different versions or extra tracks. As usual, but you never know.

by webmaster on 05/06/2006 02:44
A little late, anyway: the April issue of UK's Wire magazine features a 4-page interview ("Invisible Jukebox") with Burnt Friedman.

by webmaster on 04/25/2006 04:24
In June the new Senor Coconut album will be released ("Yellow Fever!") - featuring Burnt Friedman on (at least) one track.

by webmaster on 04/13/2006 01:57
Gosh! Didn't expect new output so fast, thanx again Malc! So here in short - more on the site:
1. New compilation "Playup - Football Is Music" with an exclusive BF track!
2. New Nonplace project feat. BF called "Root 70"
Both to be released in May - check the Nonplace base to read more!

by Malc on 03/17/2006 17:30
Hi Ralph, There is more exciting news on the Nonplace pages....

by webmaster on 03/04/2006 03:33
The japanese edition of Nine Horses' "Snow Borne Sorrow" contains a bonus track: "Birds Sing For Their Lives"! Moreover a single from this album will be released on March 27, 2006 containing the following tracks:
1. Wonderful World
2. The Banality Of Evil
3. When Monday Comes Around (previously unreleased)
4. Wonderful World (radio edit)
More information then - stay tuned!

by webmaster on 12/29/2005 13:06
Newsflash: In February we'll get a new BF remix made for Tosca to open their remix compilation "Souvenirs"!

by webmaster on 12/07/2005 02:52
The japanese version of Flanger's "Spirituals" has an exclusive bonus track ("F.L.A.N.G.E.R.") - more on the site.

by webmaster on 11/17/2005 04:07
Thanx Malc, once again you were a little faster...
Little correction: in contrast to my previous "newsflash" the Prop - remix is from 2003, more about it on the site.
Stay tuned for "Secret Rhythms 2"!

by Malc on 11/07/2005 14:41
Hi Ralph,

Still tapping my toes! Just in case you haven't seen it the next nonplace release is a BF & JL album for 27/01/06 details at Nonplace...with samples too!


by webmaster on 10/01/2005 03:16
1. The release of Nine Horses' "Snow Borne Sorrow", project of David Sylvian, Steve Jansen and Burnt Friedman is on the way (October 17)!
2. BF made a remix for Prop last year which I didn't notice, more information soon.

by webmaster on 07/02/2005 05:04
The new Flanger album "Spirituals" is (quite) near, check the site for infos and sound!

by nullvektor on 06/19/2005 23:49
sehr coole infoseite.als some more crime fan ,musste ich doch feststellen,das ich noch mehr musik von herrn friedmann habe,ohne zu wissen das die von ihm sind.auf alle fälle nen sau cooler musiker.

by webmaster on 05/25/2005 04:04
2 years of Burnt complete, I think it's time to say BIG thanx to friends and supporters: Chris, Conor, Malc, Ralph, Sebastian, Walter - Sorry if I forgot anyone.
Some new additions to the list, mainly final informations about some compilations with non-exclusive material - except the Auf Abwegen tape which includes an unreleased SMC remix! Good luck finding it somewhere, it's a limited edition of 100.
For now enjoy "Out In The Sticks" which is out now!

by webmaster on 12/22/2004 02:25
Some news for your xmas tree: 6 weeks to wait for the David Sylvian Remix CD including 2 Burnt Friedman remixes - stay tuned. Also some interesting updates in the list: an old tape by the early BF project "Electric Romeo" a.k.a. TOXH, also 2 online-only compilations (more to come up) with BF music and the final information about the UK re-release of Drome's "The Final Corporate Colonization..." plus some more details to warm your frozen brains. Next update is in progress.

by Romain Sygrooves from Burgundy/France on 05/27/2004 16:07
Hi there! i'm a bf-addicted listener and i feel very lonely!!!
Does someone enjoy BF'music in France? does someone know anything about a future date in paris (actually on 30/09/2004)?
please tell me about

by Sebastian Herrfurth from Berlin, Germany on 05/26/2004 15:52
Wenn ich jetzt noch lernen würde, meinen Namen richtig zu schreiben ... *seufz*

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