Olafs Fishing Report

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by CHRISTIAN on 06/28/2015 18:34

by Michelangelo Capo from Via Vigliena 10 Rome Italy on 08/17/2012 19:40
Ciao Captain ! be back home! thank you for evrything hope to see ya soon!

by Andreas Pinne from Hannover-Germany on 03/08/2012 19:44
hier noch einmal vielen Dank für die schönen Angeltage auf Ascension.
Grüße an Alle von Eric und Andrew
@ olaf : der Bart bleibt ab

by Ravelling Tangler on 05/18/2011 17:41
Hi Olaf,
the nice man (but not as nice as) Robeson (ah - shucks! I can't spell his name)

If I had seen your TV entry I would have take the "P**s" at you as you were waiting for Les to arrive.


by TJ Hook on 05/12/2011 02:45

by Phil Riley from Liverpool, England on 03/22/2011 16:13
Happy Birthday Olaf !

by Loschy on 03/22/2011 11:29
Happy Birthday Digga!

by Marc Laynes from CANADA on 03/09/2011 15:47
Hello Olaf,
Hopefully soon you are back on the billfish trail! Thanks for a great time on the Harmattan - you are an excellent skipper and I like the way you operate. Good luck and don't forget to send me an address to mail some items over to you when you are finished in Ascension!

by Robin Day from Canada on 01/14/2011 06:04
Try robinday@shaw.ca

by Olaf on 01/13/2011 13:40
Hey Robin !
Please send me an e-mail adress !

by Robin Day from Canada on 01/13/2011 02:34
Hi Olaf,
Will you be captain on the Xacara in the Azores 2011? If so, kindly forward availability and charter rates for 5-7 days next early September. Thanks.

by Oleg on 05/23/2010 21:34
Olaf super reports!!! danke

by Tomislav Segedin from OSIJEK - CROATIA on 05/22/2010 12:01
"papa" TOM

by Loschy from Loschtown on 05/03/2010 16:20
Riff Raff from CLAAS to Ingo Grabowski!

by jason Michael Holtz from kona, Hawaii on 04/28/2010 20:58
Hi Olaf Jason Holtz here, I sent you an email try to get in touch with me I have some Questions for you. Thanks


by Frank Daugaard from Denmark on 03/19/2010 14:27
Hi Olaf,

Sorry to see about Stelzbock !!

But glad to see you are ok :-)

Is my diesel pump still in my boat or did you take it out ??

Are we goinf to see you in the Salmon waters around DK this spring ??

I am going to Bornholm in april :-)

Take care

kind regards
Frank/White shark

by Olaf on 03/08/2010 09:17
Hi Hanne !
Thank´s for the pics hope to see you here again !

by Hanne from Norway on 03/08/2010 00:08
Nice to see that you could use some of the pics Hope you guys catch a lot more during the next week. Tell everybody I said hi Thank you for a great new experience!! Hugs, Hanne

by goran from cro on 02/16/2010 09:56
with respect olaf I made connection between You and youtube video,,try just click olaf grimkowski and,,good luck

by Lars/Kapten Rödskägg from Varberg/Sweden on 11/18/2009 16:13
Nice site keep on the good work, fear no fish.....

greetings from Captain Redbeard

by Frank Dreef from The Netherlands on 08/24/2009 16:38
Hi Olaf,
Justed checked you website. To see if there were any updates form the Azores.
Seems that is worked ou well for you guys overthere.
Great for Jörg Dieters son to ge his first Blue marlin. Say hello to Les, Alex,Hans if he is there too, and Jörg Dieter. All the best an "tight Lines" ... What am I doing right now. uh just working another great day at the office

by Timo H. from Nice One! on 08/23/2009 01:12
Very nice Fish from Jörni .. by the way:
His Name is Jörn-Henrik, without the D


by Loschy on 08/15/2009 20:52
check this out... HighVoltage Live

by olaf on 04/18/2009 08:40
Hi Rene !
I´m going on monday too !

See you


by Renè Letvad on 04/17/2009 21:40
Hi Olaf. Nice to see and hear you are back in the real world. I heard you on the WHF monday outside Rügen, but our whf broke down so i couldent talk to you.
We had a nice day with 7 fish in the boat and the fishing just outside Møn was very good. Several fish over 13-24 kg. caught up to 17 kg.
If the weatherforecast stays good i will go again monday.
See or hear you.

Renè Letvad.

by Olaf on 04/16/2009 14:49
Hi Sasa !
At the moment I ´m fishing in germany for salmon !
I´m going to cape verde in may and come to Jezera in july !
I hope we will have a great season for tuna !
See you in Jezera soon !


by Sasa Rakar from Croatia on 04/08/2009 20:31
Hello Olaf and hope that I see You soon in Jezera. Shiraz take first luc in sezone on trolling.i

by Maik from Halfweg, Netherlands on 11/18/2008 15:50
Hi Olaf,

How are you doing? Lex gave me the keycord from Jezera, and I would like to thank you verry much!!!! Are you in Germany at JD's birthday? Hope to see you there.

Tight lines,

by Sasa Rakar from Croatia on 09/03/2008 09:06
I be glad that You join in Shiraz theam because Miro going with Tutus and until now i am alone too.

by Olaf on 09/02/2008 17:13
Congratulations Sasa !!!
I hope The big ones are still there when I come back !!!
Now I have no team for big game because the guy is not coming.

by Sasa Rakar from Croatia on 09/02/2008 11:59
Hi Olaf.Shiraz have incredible weekend in Jezera.112 kg bluefin than 120 kg and double strike of 130 kg and 150 kg.I hope see You soon.Sasa.

by marty erk on 08/27/2008 13:53
Please let me know if you get this. Your pictures on your website look better than anything we have. Hope Bill can reformat them. And looks like you guys have had a good couple of days fishing with Louis. Thanks for a great trip.

by Olaf on 08/26/2008 10:06
Hi Sasa !
Gratulira !
some big marlin here in the Azores !
Ihope to catch a monster the next days !

Say hello to jezera from Olaf

by Sasa Rakar from Croatia on 08/25/2008 15:22
Hi Olaf.I wish You a good fishing.Yesterday cot one about 100 kg.Sasa.

by Wolfgang Pohlentz from Denmark on 08/22/2008 13:41
Komme nach Jezera am 26/8 mit Valkyrien. Hoffe gute fischerei.
Biss dann.

by Tim on 07/09/2008 21:50
Hey Olaf wir sehen uns in 6 Tagen freu mich schon wird sicher wieder eine lustige zeit

by Antje Brameyer from Berlin on 07/09/2008 18:09
Hi Olaf,

ich hoffe Dir geht's gut. Ich war schon einmal auf Deiner Seite, hatte allerdings keine Muse Dir zu schreiben. Ich bin am Wochenende wieder in Versmold. Meine Mom und das Freibadfest rufen. Ich arbeite da auch mal wieder. Vielleicht bist Du ja auch noch dort.

Ansonsten viel Spaß auf den Meeren dieser Welt.
Freu mich auf ein Wiedersehn


by Ralph from Düsseldorf on 06/15/2008 19:16
Bin auf Deine Seite beim Surfen gestoßen. Hat mir gut gefallen und mir Mut gemacht. Ich bin in 4 Wochen in Kroatien (Nähe Rovinj). Ich habe vor, es mal mit "Big Game" zu probieren, wobei ich mit dem "Kindergarten" zufrieden wären.

by Diana Rasp from Rosenheim on 03/31/2008 19:52
find die Seite gut, sind auch viele gute Bilder drin. Wollte einfach mal alle grüßen und meinen Eintrag dalassen.

Liebe Grüße, Diana

by Diana Rasp from Rosenheim on 03/31/2008 19:52
find die Seite gut, sind auch viele gute Bilder drin. Wollte einfach mal alle grüßen und meinen Eintrag dalassen.

Liebe Grüße, Diana

by Sebastian on 02/19/2008 14:19
wollte noch sagen: supercoole Bilder hier auf Deiner Seite! Grüß mal alle die Du triffst (Sam,Albi, Mathias, Emi, Prudi:-)...).
Bleibt sauber!

by Olaf on 02/12/2008 13:26
Hi Kirsten, Hi Sebastian !
Fast alles wie letztes jahr hier ! Sam ist da ohne Kate, Collin und die Spearfischer sind auch da nur keine Lavabrocken die überall herumliegen !




by Die Flintstones on 02/12/2008 13:06
Aloha ihr,

viele Grüße von den Bonner Steinekloppern!
Wohnt ihr wieder im Clarence House? Uns überkommt alle paar Tage die Ascension-Sehnsucht, und nach euch, natürlich!

Viele liebe Grüße an euch alle,

Sebastian und Kirsten

by Tim on 09/24/2007 19:29
Jo GRIMMEL wollte dir viel glück für die competiton wünschen!!!
Waren echt mit die geilsten und lustigsten 9 monate in kroatien (Sage nur Severina Party)
hoffe wir sehen uns bald mal wieder
grüße an alle da unten
Tight Lines Tim Albeck

by Uwe from Munich/Germany on 09/11/2007 12:55
Hi Olaf,
ich wollte DIr auch persönlich mein Kompliment für die tolle Veranstaltung in München zu dem Thema "Lurefischen" aussprechen. Ich konnte bei Dir viel lernen und habe sehr viel mit nach Hause als "To Do" genommen.

Mach weiter so und bleib wie Du bist,

by Wolfgang Pohlentz from Denmark on 08/03/2007 20:44
Hi, Olaf, ankommen 28/nachmittag.
Grüsse, Valkyrien.

by Olaf on 06/23/2007 19:34
Thank´s Mike !
I´ll keep you informed !

by Michael Wagner from Punta Cana Dominican republic on 06/22/2007 19:22
hello Olaf,
great website of your's and awesome reports and Images.
Mike's Marina Fishing Charters S.A.
Punta Cana
Dominican republic

by Olaf from still Ascension on 03/23/2007 01:16
Back to nearly normal !!!

by Olaf from Ascension at the moment on 03/18/2007 17:30
Hi Everybody !
The computer with all my data to update this website is not doing his job at the moment !
So please check the website above for news for now !


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