Welcome to DALEY-BARRACKS in Bad Kissingen/Germany! Please leave a comment and let us also know, when you have been stationed in BK and which unit you had been in.

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by Laurie Papineau (Starkey) from Firestone, CO on 11/21/2014 22:50

by Laurie Papineau (Starkey) from Firestone, CO on 11/21/2014 22:48
I have no idea what made me get to this site! I think I saw Bad Kissingen in one of my searches and that started me down memory lane. Frank Guza, I remember serving with you and Chief Wilson 1981-1982 in 15th Maint. Co. Det #1. Fun!

by Karoline Lopp from Kassel on 11/17/2014 20:37
Hello everybody...
my name is Karoline and i am looking for a guy named micheal brian jones. he was stationed in bk in the early 80 and it is very impotend that i find and get in touch with him...
if you have any information please contact me.


thank you and god bless you all

by Patrick Berriigan from 330 Landon Dr Slidell, LA 70458 on 11/14/2014 16:09
Served in 2/14 Troop G 1964-65. Have pleasant memories. Good unit, good people and beautiful Germany. Went back last year and found it had been leveled. Nothing left but facade of one of the buildings.

by Gaby Voll on 11/10/2014 13:41
Search from Kevin Russ .Was in the Army in Bad Kissingen 1987 -?

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by Frank Jurado from Montebello,Ca. on 11/05/2014 03:24
I was there in 1971 good old memories, 2/14 Calvary F Troop.Had some very good times there good friends nice town to, it was good duty guarding the Border Camp Walbach,It was nice to see all the pictures real cool.

by CPL.Richard L.Ramos from new jersey on 10/25/2014 06:38
Hoping to hear from my formen fox troop 2/11 Ace Mortar sqd my email rramos750@comcast.net

by Brad Owen from Phoenix, AZ on 10/23/2014 03:47
I was a M1 Mechanic from E 2/11 from 83-85 then in G 2/11 from 89-92. Daley Barracks and Bad Kissingen gave me great memories.

by Ken Wigger from Godfrey, IL on 10/12/2014 01:03
I enjoyed visiting your site today! I was stationed in Bad Kissingen in 71-72 with the HAWK Missile.

Ken Wigger
German American Cultural Heritage

Tour beautiful German castles! Learn wonderful German Folksongs! Visit the Black Forest! Look up your German genealogy roots! Listen to Oktoberfest music! Experience German/Swiss/Austrian wonders!

by Brett Collin on 09/22/2014 18:09
Dan Robinson I was there also 80-82 with A Battery 2/41st.

by Antonio Costello from Utah on 09/16/2014 01:53
My father was stationed there in 1971 till 1975, maybe longer. The whole family was there with him. I think he was in the 3rd infantry division.

by CHARLES C. THOMPSON on 09/14/2014 12:00



by carol whitehead from missouri on 09/14/2014 05:23
Charles Thompson did you know a Sgt Jones who worked in personnel durning that time period. He was in the 14th?

by CHARLES C. THOMPSON from CHIANGMAI, THAILAND on 09/13/2014 12:18

by Shirley Walter from USA on 09/04/2014 22:57
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by Donald Rhodes from 16576 CR 511, Dexter, MO 63841 on 08/29/2014 09:23
Herbert Clark from Kentucky, are you still around? I was in C Battery the same time you were. We are having a C Battery reunion the weekend of Sept 26, 2014. My email is dsrhodes@newwavecomm.net My day phone is 573 568 2132 and night phone is 573 568 3381.

by Donald Rhodes from 16576 CR 511, Dexter, MO 63841 on 08/29/2014 08:51
I was stationed at BK Feb61 until Sept 62, C Bat, 2nd How Bn, 28 Art. Would like to hear from any of the guys who were in C Bat. My email is dsrhodes@newwavecomm.net

by Dan Robinson on 08/26/2014 09:59
I was stationed in BK 1980 1982 2/41 FA There was a few people I remember Woody from the Cav I believe he was a Scout. Simmons AKA Flipper from TX Parker Tony SVC Btry

by Jim Welsh from Scottsdale Arizona on 08/05/2014 20:59
Hello everyone, who served at BK. I was there from 1971 to 1975. I have great memories of that place. I spent a considerable amount of time at Camp Wollbach with the guys. I was the NCOIC of the GSR S-2 Section. I was there when it was the 14th Cav before becoming the 11th Cav. I worked with a great bunch of guys in the GSR Section. We were all young but all very good at what we did. I had no idea how my time at BK would eventually affect my life. I was there when Nixon took us off the gold standard and that was my entry into foreign exchange. After a stint as a U.S. federal trust officer and an investigator for the United States Senate I fell back to what BK taught me and ended up being a hedge fund manager specializing in Foreign exchange. I learned from each one of you whom I met and served with and wish you all the best.

by Fred from va on 08/03/2014 21:49
I was there in '63 for a few months for bio/chem/radiation classes.
Anyone else?

by rhonda fraga from texas on 07/25/2014 17:17
My ex- husband was stationed @ Daley Barracks from 1986- 1989. I lived there with him in 1987. I met some of the nicest people while living there. My name then was Rhonda Burnside, my ex husband was Jon Burnside.

by Martha Rhodes from Greer, South Carolina on 06/29/2014 17:06
my husband and I were in BK from 1967 to 1969. Would love to hear from anyone who might have known us.. My husband's name was Bill Rhodes, he has passed away now. I would still like to hear from anyone who remembers us Thanks 4946

by SSG Rodriguez from U.S. of A. D'Hanis Texas-Fort Liveng Room on 06/18/2014 15:37
I was in Eagle Horse _ E Troop from 1980 to 1986 second Plt. Ssg Fowler was the Plt Sgt, some of the names I remember Boone, Horton, Phipps, John J. Aulwes, the trouble maker, Cpt Roy Rogers, but not the cowboy, by a long shot, Ssg Hollon Motor Pool, Sgt shippel, SSg Tyrance,Sgt Goode Sp4 Duty Sp4 Roberson,other good men,all crazy good time comrads when on duty and best times off duty Lt Hood he was from San Antonio, his truck kinda got messed up coming back from the border,we blamed it on that good german beer

by Roger Hopper from Southaven MS. on 06/14/2014 05:13
HI Yall stationed in BK 1974 - 1976 with Headquarters Troop 11th ACR.

by jeffrey a chase from proctor vermont on 06/13/2014 23:42
Served 82-83 i thought is was A co 1 BN
1 ADA 10 th gp but i see in comments that its 52nd ADA.I still believe its
A btty 1bn 1 ADA

by frank guza from p.o. box 21 hamburg mi 48139 on 06/07/2014 03:54
Stationed from 78 till 83. Best times of my life @15th Maint Co Det#1. All please contact me @ 734-678-2203.

by frank guza from p.o. box 21 hamburg mi 48139 on 06/07/2014 03:10
Was with the 15th Maint Co Det#1 from 78 till 83. Best times of my life. If we served together, please write. Would love to hear from all.

by Jim Farrell from Mount Laurel, NJ on 06/03/2014 18:37
Stationed there from 6/66 through 10/67. D Bty/3rd BN/32nd AADC.

by ron bloom on 06/01/2014 01:43
I was in a battery 6 battalion 562nd artillery,battery clerk and I also ran stations movie theaterI was there from 1969 true 71 I lived off fort with my wife

by ron bloom from Medford Or on 06/01/2014 01:33
I was stationed there from 69 - 71 how was the battery clerk.

by jeff hurd from north carolina on 05/28/2014 12:50
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HHB 2nd 41st FA and 7th Med-31st Med Detachment BK clinic..1072>1978..best times of my life spent in BK, Wild-chicken, Graf.. the girls, the beer, the pizza and most of all "brothers in arms".............if the russians come thru the gap, we need you guys to stay alive ten minutes so we can get the missiles up and ready...then were goona nuke you!!

by carol on 05/22/2014 21:51
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by Raymond Coleman from virginia on 05/16/2014 14:31
i was there from 1971 thru 1974 looking for john gavin jr. howard holcombe phil olson david weaver and others just to see how they are doing

by Terry Simpson from Kc,mo on 05/14/2014 02:25
Hey I lived in Bk off and on base when I was a kid from 86 to 88. my dad is Scott Simpson worked on tanks and my mom worked at the clinic as a nurse Patti Simpson.
Lots of great memory's growing up and playing soccer there. Wish I could go back!

by blaine j. buss from waubun,mn on 04/21/2014 04:17

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by Raymond Coleman from Rockbridge Baths Virgihia on 04/10/2014 16:08
I just wanted to see what it looked like now. I was there from 1971 thru 1974.

by Virgil Jim Callahan from Oklahoma City Oklhoma on 04/09/2014 22:16
I was stationed in Bad Kissingen Germany from 1968 to 1970 in Howitzer Battery 2nd and 14th Armered Calavery Special Weapons squad and lived off post with my wife and son. I have lots of good memories of my time there and made a lot of great friend.

by roger thompson from chattanooga tenn on 04/04/2014 10:09
I was in BK from jan 68-july 69. I was with 709th MP Bn assigned to 67th MP Det. I also ran the post theater. 3rd INF MP's were Harriett, Brown, Reese,Schultz. Great duty, hope to go back sometime.

by ROBERT E. Harvey from P.O.Box 1127, Ruidoso,NM 88355 on 04/03/2014 05:51
I was stationed at BK from Nov 1960 until May of 1962. I was in the 14th Armored Calvary, F Troop. Border Patrol. Sgt Smith was my 1st Sgt, Capt Ray Teel was the C.O.

Some of my friends was Floyd Hondel (PA}, Bennie Stinson (NC}, Hartman (Houston,TX}

I am from Victoria,TX, and retired to the mountains of Ruidoso,NM.

by gary brouse from florida on 03/31/2014 02:40
1969 - 1970 Bad Kissingen Germany 41st artillery. Only remember SSgt Dace, SSgt Anderson,are officers were from Norte Dame one played quarterback. on 155 howitzers lots of bad memories. remember kid name holmes, mc cusky rascels, sugar bear, bob love,

by calvin smith on 03/20/2014 21:23

by Roger Meurer from Tennessee on 03/11/2014 17:22
Was with 2/41 from 78-81. Many good friends and a first son born downtown BK.

by carol whitehead from missouri on 03/01/2014 04:42
Hey Ronald Scarboro I do remember you. You were friends with Gunter, Curry, and Owens. My husband was also a gate guard for a while.

by carol whitehead from missouri on 02/28/2014 04:47
My husband was stationed in BK from 1960 to 1962. he was in the 14th don't remember what company. His name was Earl Whitehead. When we got married he transferred to the 709th MP. My father was stationed in
BK from 1959 to 1962. He was in personnel. His name was George Jones. If anyone happens to remember me my name was Carol Jones and I ran around with Col Shuford's daughter. Many happy memories

by Don (SKIP) Colborn SP/4 from Connellsville, PA on 02/27/2014 05:29
Was in BK 59 thru 61, 14th ACR 2nd, Hq Co. Drove the Mess Hall truck for about a year and a half then transferred to the 14th ACR Tank Co. Gunner my last 6 months. Great place, met a lot of great men while there. Loved those German girls

by delane gipp from fort yates north dakota on 02/19/2014 09:17
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