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by dsds from assasa on 04/04/2018 16:07
Super miejsce.,

by dfdf from sdsd on 10/21/2015 23:09
Fanatstic site. Great colour, and style.
it needs 3 and a half year for some Spam.
so be proud "Master of Love Magic Azael"

by 1999-Revolution666 from Daheim... on 06/18/2012 12:27
Sag mal, gibts von The Crown eigentlich auch gute Audio Live Bootlegs ?
mir sind keine Bootlegs bekannt.

by Bertil on 12/18/2011 17:35
finally The Crown is back...i never rlly liked jonas on vocals so i'm rlly satisfied with the news

can't wait to see them live here in sweden =)

by Max from Canada on 01/30/2011 05:00
Thank you so much for this site! Long live The Crown! DEATH METAL HOLOCAUST!!!

by Akki from Bonn/Ger on 09/12/2010 22:06
Aber sicher das...wird ja mal Zeit mit unserem Bierchen =)


by Akki from Bonn/Ger on 09/09/2010 21:43
Moinsen Hein,

wo gibbet das shirt?

momentan nur auf Live Events von The Crown. Hope to see you the 1st Oct in Essen @ Turock

by Akki from Bonn/Ger on 12/02/2009 15:27
Hein du bist mein Retter des Tages!!! Ich spritz mir hier grad einen nach´m anderen ab!!!! Ein neues Tattoo muss her und zwar zack zack!


by Akki from BN/GER on 07/01/2009 21:16
Wollt Dir mal wieder nen Gruss da lassen

...und hab n fies neuwertiges Eternal Death Shirt für 30€ ergattert

Hau rein Hein


by Bertil on 08/21/2008 12:48
hi hein!

was it you i saw with the crown shirt at Wacken this year?

It wasn´t me. My last time in wacken was 2002. Wacken is to big and to commercial for me ;-)

by punsiher on 07/29/2008 23:59

hat jemand von euch nen patch von the crown? oder weiss wo man einen herbekommt?

suche und zahle gut!

wüsste nicht das ich sowas mal gesehen haette

by Benja on 04/21/2008 21:54
ja verdammt es geht wieder weiter! Freue mich auf neuen Stoff aus Schweden.
Btw. exzellente Seite! blitzkrieg witchcraft!!!

by Algirdas from Lithuania on 04/15/2008 12:33
Respect for contributing to remembrance of The Crown - epitome of death/thrash perfection

by Harald from Freiburg im Breisgau on 04/09/2008 18:01
All hail The Crown!! Die Nachricht, dass es weitergehen wird, habe ich lange erwartet, aber dennoch haut mich der Umstand jetzt wo es Tatsache ist, vollkommen um und ich kann es kaum abwarten, bis das neue Album am Start und die Band on the road ist!!!

Cheerz an alle CROWN-Maniacs

by Anders Edlund from Skövde, Sweden on 04/08/2008 13:11
Greetings Hein! A great piece of work you have created to honour one of Swedens greatest outfit in deaththrash. I really like it a lot! Horns up and hope to see you one day on the road!

Anders// Angel Blake
thx, have you seen on the road 2006 @ Summer Breeze :-) cheers to Janne

by Bertil on 03/29/2008 14:47
oh, wrong by me

it IS Death Metal and they are in middle of recording of an album!

by Bertil on 03/29/2008 14:40
The Crown is kinda back again

i got some news from markos wife that he and the other members of The Crown is forming a band which (i guess) will play Death Metal (johan is not included thought)

the site is:

keep updated for info about the vocalist and the band!

this is going to be REALLY cool

by Anonymous on 03/02/2008 23:51
Seriously, the Of Good And Evil video is running the double speed, it sounds ridiculous.... What the fuck!

by Marcos from Brazil on 08/17/2007 23:55
Fuckin' The Crown RULEZ!

I've linked your site to mine blog, and left a homage to the band in english and portuguese.


by kiljer on 07/12/2007 19:57
THE CROWN yea.... why did they have to break up?! god damn it... they are really the greatest... it fuckin' pisses me off when i tel my friends about the crown, and they don't know who the crown is... why are they so under-rated? the music is ass-kicking...
here you can see some the crown live videos...

greetings from croatia...

by simon on 07/08/2007 22:53
echt coole fotos!
wir sind auch gut nach hause gekommen, danke der nachfrage. wir waren schon ca. um 02:00 zuhause... da haben wir dich ja um 75 min. geschlagen!!! hehe...
ja, freue mich auch schon auf den 31.

by jp danker from atlanta, georgia USA on 06/25/2007 19:39
RIP motherfuckers. you are missed.

by umel from ingolstadt bayern on 06/12/2007 00:49
schöne neue fotos! wollt ich nr mal anmerken! weiter so! cheers!
danke, danke. wird weitergehen :-)

by Gibsy from Holland ZH Voorschoten on 05/29/2007 09:36
Fucking hell The Crown is fucking omnimous! Its a shame that The Crown had to stop...if I could I would bring it back to life forever! because they are fucking kick ass! Hail The Crown! I live their fucking music!

by Mikhasto from Finland on 05/28/2007 18:22
Awesome! They inspired us to form a downhill/freeride club. Deathrace is on..
Check it out!

by umel on 05/01/2007 12:42
coole seite hab auf den wmd einen flyer von der seite bekommen! werd hier wohl öfter vorbei schauen!
a picture of umel and Johan can be found in the "Fans Section"

by Burga from Serbia - Bor on 04/03/2007 21:49
It's fucking awsom to se The Crown tribute site..Pass the tale on...

SLAVA!!! The Crown

by Max from Canada on 04/03/2007 19:20
Nice site, very good to see a current page on the Crown! And you answered the tshirt question! Thanks!

you´re welcome. If I get some news about the shirts, I´ll post it here.

by Eva from Salzburg - Austria on 02/20/2007 14:59
Zufällig beim Stöbern auf wikipedia auf eure Seite gestoßen. Kompliment! Grüße aus Salzburg

by Pasi pallinaama from Finland on 02/08/2007 20:10
This is to Janne:Moro! serkkupoika täältä Raahesta kirjottelee. Pitihän se käyvä kahtoon näitä teijän sivustoja tosa ohimennen. Eipä valittamista Mut eipä sen kummempia...toivottavasti nähään kesällä Suomessa! It's sad that you have ended your band...or is it just ended playing together? But sites are very well performed. Many thesedays bands don't have this kind of websites. So thanks and I hope we'll hear something from you...someday
Hi Cousin of Janne, this is no official Website of "The Crown" or one of its ex-members. It´s a fan site. I send Janne an info of your entry and he has already read it.

by Jenson from Dubai on 01/29/2007 22:59
THANKYOU to all behind this website.
So nice to see something related to The Crown.

The Royal Five, are the best band in the world.
you are welcome. Keep on racing :-)

by theo from france on 01/10/2007 14:10
fuckin band...
the better guys always go first...
RIP the Crown

by Mephisto---> from Austria on 12/30/2006 17:35
hast du eigentlich mal ein mail von mir bekommen oder ist das irgendwo im spam gelandet?

by Fran Tique on 09/13/2006 13:30
Do you know anything bout the Stolen Policecar album, From what I´ve heard it kicks ass...Cool site, keep it up.
Sorry, I only know the infos from their webpage.

by Basti on 08/31/2006 22:32
Was für eine Band.....die Götter einfach!!! Supercoole Seite zum in Erinnerungen schwelgen....Ach war das schööööön!!!

by homer666 on 08/20/2006 19:27
klasse seite, hoffe auf eine baldige reunion
A reunion will never happen. details you can find here:

by Transform Online from USA on 06/13/2006 22:20
Review of The Crown DVD in link!

by Transform Online from USA on 04/28/2006 21:22
Review of Angel Blake in link!

by match on 02/09/2006 18:27
I thought this site would be already dead. But I was glad to see that its back again... GREAT!
Janne and ANgel Blake?! Great again...
To Hein: Do you know somthing about Aven Aura? The page is not updated for a long time! Is there Janne still involved in?
/Viele Grüße, Match...
Hi Match, this site is still alive :-)
if there are no news about the Ex Members of "The Crown", I have nothing to publish.
I tried to get some more actual infos about Aven Aura, but without success, sorry

by match on 11/25/2005 17:48
Yes tompa appears on it! He sings four songs of the bootleg compilation...

I've got some other news:

The NEW One Man Army homepage is online... it really kicks ass...

by tormentor on 11/23/2005 01:21
hey i have a question about the dvd, tompa appears on it?

by match on 11/20/2005 11:59
Hab mir vor längerer Zeit auf der Aven Aura-Homepage die Samples runtergeladen... fand die wirkli klasse... aber die Seite wurde schon seit März nich mehr geupdated... weiß irgendjemand ob's die Band überhaupt noch gibt, oder ob die'n Label haben oder ob mal'n Album rauskommen soll...
wäre klasse, wenn ihr mir ma'n paar Infos zukommen lassen könntet...

by Bertil on 11/18/2005 11:48
07.02.2006 (S) UMEA / Sky Com Arenan

i be there

by Krigsnatt from Kempen/NRW on 10/04/2005 16:31
Jo, geile Seite haste da aus dem Boden gestampft! Hab heute die Deathexplosion
und Hell is her von the crown endlich gekriegt.(endlich)
Im Gedanken daran das es meine Helden
nicht mehr gibt schmerzt es immer ein bisschen wenn ich ihre Songx höre.
Naja gibt ja bald noch ne dicke DVD als Finale infernale, Yippieyeah!
Ausserdem Johans neues "Produkt" wird bestimmt auch fetzen, naja hoffe ja immer noch für ne reunion auch wenns utopisch ist.
Naja ansonsten, bis bald ma
ne coole Seite ist das hier auf jeden fall, bang on und total fucking satan !!mfg, Micha aka Krigsnatt

by Bertil on 09/22/2005 19:34
Disc 1 – ”The Road to Nowhere” (Documentary):

Disc 2 – ”Deathexplosions in the Sky”:

Wacken Open Air 2002:

01. House of Hades
02. Crowned in Terror
03. Deathexplosion
04. Under the Whip
05. Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
06. Satanist
07. World Below
08. Face of Destruction / Deep Hit of Death
09. 1999 Revolution 666

Summer Breeze Open Air 2003:

10. Deathexplosion
11. Under the Whip
12. Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
13. Satanist
14. World Below
15. Zombiefied
16. 1999 Revolution 666
17. Total Satan
18. Death Metal Holocaust

Party San Open Air 2002:

19. Crowned in Terror
20. Deathexplosion
21. Executioner Slayer of the Light
22. World Below
23. The Poison
24. Under the Whip
25. Back from the Grave
26. Black Lightning
27. The Serpent Garden
28. 1999 Revolution 666
29. Death Metal Holocaust
30. Total Satan

Essen, 2000:

31. Executioner (Slayer of the Light)
32. The Poison
33. Angels Die
34. Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
35. Deathexplosion
36. Back From the Grave
37. Vengeance
38. Kill the Priest
39. Total Satan

Disc 3 – ”Electric Nights” (bootleg compilation):

01. Seventh Gate (Angered, Sweden 1992)
02. Beyond Where Darkness Dwells (Trollhättan, Sweden 1992)
03. Last Rite (Trollhättan, Sweden 1992)
04. In Tears (Previously unreleased – Trollhättan, Sweden 1992)
05. Beautiful Evil Soul (Trollhättan, Sweden 1997)
06. Death of God (Rotterdam, Holland 1998)
07. Forget the Light (Gent, Belgium 1998)
08. The Black Heart ((Beveren, Belgium 1998)
09. Candles (Beveren, Belgium 1998)
10. Black Lightning (Lorain, USA 2000)
11. Back from the Grave (Springfield, USA 2000)
12. In Bitterness and Sorrow (Springfield, USA 2000)
13. Kill (The Priest) (Brooklyn NY, USA 2000)
14. Give You Hell (Bengtsfors, Sweden 2001)
15. Deathexplosion (Tampa, USA 2002)
16. Angels Die (San Francisco, USA 2002)
17. Crowned in Terror (Stockholm, Sweden 2002)
18. Face of Destruction / Deep Hit of Death (Trollhättan, Sweden 2002)

by Bertil on 09/10/2005 17:04
founded this on under some realese dates

1/10 The Crown – 14 Years Of No Tomorrows – 3DVD

by Bertil on 08/17/2005 03:51
i sended a mail to marko and ask him if the things you heard from the metal blade guys was true...but he said that he talked with them yesterday (he sended the message yesterday so it is 2 days from now) and said thet it is not true anything that you wrote on the forum
strange...but true
what I wrote in the forum, is what I heard from the Metal Blade guys !
So we´ll wait and see what happened and hope that the DVD will be released soon.

by dennis from netherlands on 06/20/2005 15:38
checked out that stolen policecar site and found some awesome rock n roll, cool. You do same.

by Bertil on 06/16/2005 19:35
after read the interview from johan that was linked on the website i readed that magnus has joined a punk band that's called "stole policecar"
the site to that site is

nice to be helping
Edited on: 06/16/2005 08:01 by Administrator
thanks a lot for the info

by Bertil on 06/05/2005 22:48
do you know what marcus and magnus is doin' right now?
Marcus did some guest sessions on the last Darkest Hour and Witchery Output and is in the new Gothenburg Band "Engel". See link section for Homepage.
Never heard about any activities from magnus

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