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by sara on 10/31/2018 09:38
thank you

by sara on 10/31/2018 09:38
thank you

by look what i found on 08/26/2017 10:46
Cool stuff you have got and you keep update all of us.

by go right here on 08/26/2017 10:38

Thanks a lot for sharing us about this update. Hope you will not get tired on making posts as informative as this.

by tanvi sharma from ahmedabad on 04/27/2017 11:49
Excellent post! I must thank you for this informative read. I hope you will post again soon. Warehousing of merchandise....

by Emma from St. Petersburg Florida on 02/12/2008 04:10
I stumbled across your myspace by accident, as I was looking for new music. Growing up with bands such as Kansas, Queen and more, I was magically transported to the goodness of that era with your music. Love the rich heavy sound. Wow! Awesome stuff! Thank you! Most definitely will buy cd.
Hi Emma, thank you.

by Sigurd from North Dakota USA on 07/05/2007 18:53
Hey Steve!
Just visiting your site and thought I say hey!

Still digging Expected Errors!!!!

Best regards,
Hey Sigurd, thanks for stoppin' by. Glad you like it! Cheers to North Dakota! Steve

by KirksNoseHair from Norton, MA USA on 05/08/2007 18:08
Yo Dude:

Your new CD kicks massive amounts of ass. Nice work man, I'm really enjoying it!


Thank you KNH, so happy you enjoy the CD!
It means a lot...
Cheers, bro' !
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by justin overstreet from dpthan alabama USA on 01/02/2007 09:41
hey dude wats up? thought id visit your site, its pretty awesome. well hope you did great at the show you was suppose to play keyboard. rock on dude
Thank you Justin. The gig you are talking about was fine!!!
Rock on, bro!!

by Klasse from Sweden on 12/27/2006 16:35
And a merry metallic christmas to you too! Now its time too reload our guns for new years eve! Have a good one until we meet again on the fields of Norje.

Rock on!

PS: Give my best to Jan.
And we surely will meet again!
A great new year for you!

by Rob Wells aka Draco from England on 01/30/2006 07:09
Hey steve,

Hope u r well. this is a nice little site you got here! i have never played or visited Germany but im trying to get some venues to have us play but know luck yet. if you could run us a few names we would be greatful. i teach music over here in England and the kids love mozart but im showing them the depths of Beethoven this week ;-)

get back to me if you can! cheers!

Robert E Wells

by Bryan from Images on 01/20/2006 01:03
Thanks for the kind words about our CD!! If you are ever in the states, look us up !!!
Well, you're CD is still on my playlist, as you might see! Thanks for the invite, Bryan!

by Ponch from US on 01/19/2006 16:44
Hey bro Steve!!!!!
this guy is awesome..excellent taste in melodic lines..and cool tone! ..i enjoyed listeing yours bro..please keep me update with your cool music thing ..
Hey Ponch, such kind words :) Absolutely appreciated! Cheers bro!

by Bryan on 11/23/2005 11:16
Thanks for the kind words regarding the band and for buying our CD. Your music absolutely rips !!!!

I had an uncle whom lived in K-Town.
Hi Bryan, thank you for the kind words! What do you call K-Town? Köln, Kaiserslautern...?

by West Side Dave on 11/15/2005 11:12
Hey, Steve! Just thought I`d stop in and leave my mark!:) VERY cool page; wish I had your skills on guitar. Rock forever myfriend, and hopefully we`ll meet up at Sweden Rock 2006! Cheers....
Hi Dave, welcome on my site! Thanks! See you in Sweden!

(Total 15 entries)
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