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by John Rowley from Ashtead, Surrey, England on 09/27/2015 18:58
I am responsible for recording and promoting Parish History. Having come across a note on the cultivation of Helix Pomatia in the 17th century by our local Nobility, I thought to write an article that instigates a search for these creatures in our chalk downland gardens. Any found must be descended from ancestors formally in captivity: is it lawful to recapture these specimens for captive cultivation? If not it is probably best not to draw attention to their possible presence.
Dear John,
in my opinion it is irrelevant, if the snail population comes from formerly captive individuals. If Helix pomatia may not be collected from nature in England, then this is also true for those populations. Kind regards Robert

by Anonymous on 09/26/2015 15:33
Wonderful website, great information and a well thought out design as well.

by Robert Cameron from Sheffield, UK on 11/24/2014 22:15
Dear Robert (from another!)
Just to say that I admire your site: it is packed full of good stuff. I am at present writing a (hard copy) book for non-specialists on the land slugs and snails.
I am still deciding on what illustrations etc to use. I hope in good time I can ask for consent to use some of your material.
But I will certainly be referring readers to your site for more info. i can tell just how much work is involved.

by Sunny Chan from Hong Kong on 11/07/2013 03:42

I find your website when I try to learn a few thing about snail. In Hongkong, we can find a species that people Criptosoma imperiator. Its translation means snail that lives on tree. It's very special as the snail has skin covering its shell. I tried to record it at but find no taxon can fit. I searched internet and also find no record at all. I wonder if there is any similar species in the world and what taxon it belong to. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

by TS on 10/22/2011 12:11
Thank you so much for all this excellent information. It has been massively helpful to an investigation I have been carrying out and I am very grateful to you for providing it.thank you!
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by tim rudisill from Newport,tn.,USA on 05/21/2010 02:26
Delightful and informative site - thanks!
You're welcome

by symon bye from Cirencester, England on 05/20/2008 11:37
Great site! Am currently trying to apply for a licence to breed Roman Snails. As Cirencester was the Roman Capital of England for a time there still exists a Roman Snail population although dwindling. I hope my licence application is succesful as I do not want them to die out all together.

Thank you for your insights...

by Tracy Caron from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 09/29/2007 18:24
Thank you for the insight on snails. My European forest snail just had over 50 babies! Your web-site answered many of my questions.
Hi Tracy, I am glad to hear that, hope many of your snail babies will reach old age. Kind regards Robert

by Sergey Leonov from Simferopol (Crimea) on 08/03/2007 15:57
Dear Dr. Nordsieck!

Thank you for your works and your site. I am always keep an eye on your papers and site news.
May be my Crimean malacological site would be interesting for you and your visitors.

All the best,
Dear Sergey,

thank you for your posting. I hope, you do not confound me with my father, Hartmut Nordsieck. I doubt you are keeping an eye on my papers I will, however, add your page to my links directory.

Kind regards
Robert Nordsieck

by marylou from California on 06/06/2007 01:20
Thank you so much for this website. The photos are lovely, and the information is very helpful!

by Philip Thomas from Hawaii (USA) on 02/13/2007 10:55

You may wish to add a link to the full text of the online book "The Giant African Snail" (Albert Mead): your page:

Philip Thomas
Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR)
Hi there,
thank you for that information. I now added the link, but to the Achatinidae pages and the link pages on snails.

by Desi from Oslo, Norway on 01/21/2007 11:55
Hi Robert! Thank you for your dedication to dispensing accurate and easily accessible information on mollusks. I am engaged in a small-scale, intensive-breeding project with the Helix pomatia. As a private, non-affiliated individual I am finding it difficult to access most of the relevant scientific journals that contain professional research on this species. Specifically, abstracts I've read from the Journal of Molluscan Studies are most intriguing, yet unavailable (online) except in exchange for a hefty subscription or per-article fee; and my local university library (University of Oslo) does not subcribe. Can you offer any alternative resource for an intelligent amateur desirous of substantial information? Thank you in advance!

by Benoit from Istanbul on 01/07/2007 12:26
Excellent website! For years now I visit the sections on helix snails and each time I find new infos and picts.
Only one problem: I always end up on your site by coincidence (through keywords on google) but I never find what I look for when I intentionally visit your site (by typing I think it needs a (working) search engine or, more practical: an understandable table of contents.

by Jennifer Easterly from Canada on 11/24/2005 03:11
Wow! What a great website! Thank you so much for all the information you provided.

by Robert Nordsieck from Vienna, Austria on 03/05/2005 13:02
Dear visitor,

I am glad to see you found your way on my homepage and on my guestbook.
I'd be most happy about any fair comments you wish to make about my pages.
Your comments will play a decisive part in further improving these pages!

Thank you so far,

kind regards
Robert Nordsieck

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